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Super Mineralized Balanced Soils = Super Mineralized Balanced Plants = Super Mineralized Balanced Humans and Animals. It is that simple in understanding what creates super health. 

Of over $20,000 I have spent going to alternative health practitioners I have spent along with supplements, rife machines, ozone, hyperbaric, etc. no one emphasized the importance of ORGANIC FOOD #1 first as priority. Thus they were able to keep charging expensive consultations, sell more expensive supplements and equipment while I kept on poisoning myself thinking 50% organic should be good enough to get better. It is really difficult to get good organic here out in the country 15 miles from a small town. When I bought another fridge and ordered in case lots of oranges, apples, romaine lettuce, along with organic mung beans, lentils, garbanzo's and started soaking them with minerals like It is really unfortunate that toxic farm chemistry and subsidies go to farmers instead of to consumers for organic food. is humates in Canada This is ground finer. is humates in US A distributor charges $159 per gallon of distilled water that has been soaking in those minerals for 7 years. A person can buy the minerals bulk 50 lbs for $10.50 plus about $110 Carrier shipping. And put several tablespoons in a quart glass jar and drink the distilled water off the top starting in a day or 2. Just keep adding water and drinking off of it. 
Others sell a small plastic bottle of minerals for $35. A person can go together with others to buy 50 lb bag or 2,000 lb tote bags bulk. 

Others sell a small plastic bottle of minerals for $35. is 70 minerals in 190 combination. I add about a 1/4 tsp per day to my food. About $1 per lb plus shipping for 50 lb bags.

dolomite ( 50 lb bags of D-325 ground the finest is better is high in calcium and magnesium plus micro minereals) About $1 per lb for 50 lb bags plus shipping. Bulk Organic Herbs are super medicines with minerals, enzymes, antioxidents and nutritonal factors they still haven't studied or catalogued yet. People due to the poisonous effects of synthetic toxic drugs are scared about taking too many herbs not realizing if they take 95% plus biocompatible herbs are more super medicinal foods that back in the ancient times were as valuable as silver and gold. Capsules in bottles is the most expensive way of taking them and often what is most promoted. Premium Calcium Montmorillonite clay that NASA tested and used. Think about $12 US a lb. 

There is choral calcium, zeolite, pascalite, Himalayan salt & other minerals that a person can % muscle test, use radionics and compare for value. Buying in capsules in bottle is the most expensive.

Plants from the ocean such as kelp, dulse bioconvert minerals as well as making them more available. Companies sell sea ionic minerals with or less of the sodium chloride in them.

The minerals go down into the cellular level pushing out heavy metals, toxins, radiation, poisons, candida yeast, parasites. The elite knew this back before 1900 and have suppressed it promoting vitamins that if the mineral cofactor isn't there, it won't work such as cobalt for vitamin B-12. Iron for hemoglobin which is the only molecule that absorbs all the light frequencies. And carries magnetic field lines of foce.

Yttrium is one mineral that the expiremented animals on lived 2-3x longer. 

Soaking seeds with minerals makes them that much more bioavailable in eating sprouts and in spring time, gives them a super start.


Kevin Trudeau (put in jail for 10 yrs starting 2014 for taking the FDA etc. to court & exposing what he learned as an insider on studies being deliberately set up for fraudulent results, covering up the harm etc.) for those that were skeptical like me for the effort and money wrote buy an organic apple and eat one. Then use a can of RAID insect spray for one coating and eat it to taste the difference. Most people refuse yet they are getting 10 to 100x more toxins from regular food due to multiple sprays that bioaccumulate.

One study found out 8x another found out almost 9x the pesticides and herbicides in non-organic food compared to organic. There is 4x to 10x more nutrition in organic depending on enzymes, minerals and nutrition the Rock Cartel Scientists only measure for themselves.  has test results on nutrition from regular commercial toxic blueberries to wild organic to organic to beyond organic blueberries. She measures for 18 minerals instead of 11. Yterrium mineral increases rats or mice life times 2 to 3x longer. When have you heard that on CNN?

Super Mineralized Balanced Soils = Super Mineralized Balanced Plants = Super Mineralized Balanced Humans and Animals. It is that simple in understanding what creates super health. 

And the more pounds of toxic man made agriculatural Rockefeller Corporate and Monsanto Chemicals bioaccumulating in the soil, water and air is what is causing all the different diseases. Go to the graph of 95% drop in minerals in soils and there is lines showing how cancer is increasing to 50% of population and heading for 100% in 40 years or less.

The Hunza's in Pakastan have 2 feet of top soil highly mineralized from glacial ground rock. Their children are born with a full set of teeth. They are the longest living race on the planet with many living to 100. They do not have a day of rest as they believe work is healthy.

Before the flood, the oxygen was up to 50% and at 2.5 x the atmospheric pressure today according to micro needle tests on oxygen samples in glacial ice and/or in trapped oxygen in sap of trees. Skeletons of beavers have been found the size of black bears. The long periods of time and slow evolutionary changes were promoted by the dark side elite to cover up the truth of what really happened.  372 - The Earth: Foundation of Health / Life Science Seminars International - Raymond Obomsawin  goes into the Hunza's and finding skeletons of beavers from before the flood the size of black bears today. Basically with super soils back then, the humidity would build up and freeze into ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. That would act like a shield allowing the atmospheric pressure to build up to 2.5x and up to 50% oxygen according to micro needle testing in ice core samples. What ever happened like nuke war or pole shift or glancing blow from some type of planet caused that ice shield to collapse along with rain and shifted top soil. Something pretty severe happened with oil drill sample show frozen ground down 2,000 feet? according to Paster Lindsey Williams who sat in high level meetings with some of the meanest baddest most powerful people on the planet. Dr. Richard Shulze healed his defective heart and valve, burnt hand to the bones and torn ligaments in his knee which left it flopping around. He uses purer water, juicing organic food, live food, cutting all animal products out, colon cleansing herbs, spiritual and emotional cleansing, exercise etc. 

His juice formula of carrot, beet/beet top and wheat grass literally saved lives as he would even take it to them in the hospital. 

In his second decade of clinical practice he worked almost exclusively with patients suffering from cardiac, neurological, cancerous and other degenerative (so-called incurable) diseases. His clinic became famous for those patients whom western medicine had given up on and who were sent home to die. His clinic was also recognized for Dr. Schulze's highly effective Natural Healing programs, his powerful herbal formulae and his many patients curing themselves, in spite of the death sentence handed to them by their medical doctors. Many of his patients are still alive today, 20, even 30 years after their medical doctors told them they would soon die!  

He treated 20,000 people before being jailed and shut down in California. His bio Can read online.

Has a book Colds and Flue. Also No Incurables online or sent free. Highly recommend getting paper due to memory loss from electronic computer flashes from 80% down to 5% as per article on the left index.  

Although I highly recommending calling 800 437 2362 for free book 20 Powerful Steps to Health, Colds and Flue, No Incureables (maybe $12.95)  to be sent to you shipping and handling included in the US. Half of the call center want shipping paid to Canada. If you have it, I vote doing that. . A Canadian can send to a US address or receive with an order. They US Fed Ex International which is more expensive as he packages in glass jars.


Arnold Schmidt of Maple Creek Sask is growing 70 bushels of organic rye and 55 bushels of wheat each year using minimum till and sea minerals etc.

Dale Anderson of Stettler AB has farmed 1,000 acres for over 20 years and was a fertilizer rep for 6 years. He consults with soil scientists around the world doing testing on his land. He signed up 35 farmers last year to do test strips on their land following his recommendations. He has found 25% decrease in fertilizer costs the first year and another 25% saving over the next 5 years due to increased soil biological activity. He recommends balancing the minerals in the soil, sea weed amendments, lime, dolomite, soft rock fertilizers that don't kill off the biological micro organisms of the soil.

Just 5% increase in yield will increase the net profits approximately of a farm due to the first 95% being gross expenses. Plus the capital value of the land will be increasing instead of being mined into toxic soil particles with the microbial life being destroyed. Is one of the premier magazines and resources for those realizing that the synthetic fertilizers like anhydrous ammonia freeze dries and kills off beneficial mircoorganisms. During WW II it was used to make quick and cheap airplane landing strips. Now the Rock Cartel uses it to destroy farmers land selling them more toxic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides making more billions from synthetic toxic drugs to sick people the #3 cause of death in the world now.

Back in 1893 Bread from Stones by Julius Hensel saw nitrogen, manure, synthetic fertilzers was causing sick plants with more disease and insects. He was crushing rock (one way was heating it in the hearth and dropping it in cold water) and using that as the main additive to soils with dramatic increases of health to soils, animals and people.  Sampson Morgan clean agriculture The New Soil Science before 1900 changed 6 to 65 tonnes potatoes 15 bushels to 100 bus wheat apples 34 oz to 1 ½ feet circumfirence 6 inches diameter  by crushing rock and applying balanced minerals to his soil like calcium, magnesium, trace minerals. 

CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW WE HAVE BEEN KEPT FROM KNOWING SUCH GOOD INFORMATION. It makes me sick thinking my dad sacrificed to spend all that money in order for me to get brainwashed!

Soil scientists in the US that studied further like Albreit were fired from teaching the universities and the information wiped out of text books and what they teach agronomists today.


Enlivened Rock Powders Book uses paramagnetic meter or dowsing balance paramagnetic or diamagnetic rock powders. 

He uses rock powders, composting and Steiners Preps into the compost pile for super high energy materials. 

He has rock circles around trees, brushes ingredients on trees to give them more resistance to frost etc 

By placing paramagnetic rock under tv energies upward and diagmagnetic rocks above energies downward, it reduces the field down from about 10 feet to 1 feet.

In corners of basement, reduces radiation or emf cell towers.  

A paramagnetic meter can be bought for about $495 US. Phil Callahan traveled  around the world studying  and measuring towers, pyramids etc. The highest producting soils had the highest paramagnetic mixed with highest diagmagnetic earths. Nile is v of 2 rivers coming down bringing organic materials from Africa and the orther high paramagnetic rocks. Over 2x the highest measured in the US.

++++++++++ Click on this link. By digging hole, good earth top, rocks gravel middle, good earth below, the tree is about 3x bigger than regular planting as given in vision to E G White about 1900.

A hole loosens the dirt so the roots can go further out. The gravel gives minerals.

Ellen White Planting Method
The Ellen White growing method is so amazing you almost have to see it to believe it.  At one of my garden classes someone suggested we plant some trees the regular method and one the Ellen White method and see what happens.  We planted five sequoias the forestry department method and one the Ellen White method.  As you can see in the picture the one on my right is much larger and stronger.  This is no trick.  We planted 6 trees the same size on the same day and in the same location.

You may also plant tomatoes this way and expect 100 lbs. per plant as compared to 6 lbs. on average grown commercially.  And the taste is out of this world.  Try this method for any deep rooted plants or vines.   Acres Magazine Premier Magazine with cutting edge articles with very good books and conferences.  Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition Hardcover – Feb 24 2010 by Wayne Lewis (Author), Jeff Lowenfels (Author)  Electron microscope pictures showing awesome different oganisms in the soil, how ag chemicals kill them and how old growth forest is the best ecosystem with the most biodiversity.They have been both intensive students over the years. They also explain and show simple methods of manure teas for spraying probiotics on the soils from just letting aged manure sit in water prefeably being bubbled with air flowing in it & stirred to mutiliply the organisms.

Control of Weeds without Poisons Walters is quite good.  Ask The Plant   Charles Walters and Esper K. Chandler Ask the Plant, based on the agronomy of “K.” Chandler, offers farmers and growers a better way to grow plants that involves reading the unique language of plants, utilizing leaf and petiole testing, and in turn knowing how to produce a better crop using only the fertilizers and soil-building ingredients that are truly needed, when they are most needed.

There are books on controlling weeds without poisons like radionics placing root, stem & leaves on the radionics machine with 180 degrees out of phase frequency and transmitting to the land so it is getting those frequencies needed to halp balance. Dr. Shaffer of Unity Sask did it for several months and where the hills blocked the frequencies transmitted through the poloraid image, the canada thistle grew. Otherwise it didn't.

The best story was a person buying land hard panned and ruined farming conventionially. A person bought it and just planted weeds. Then turned them under and let them grow. In 7 years he had wonderful land again. I have heard the Amish buy poor land and rebuild it up using their Amish methods. 

Fletcher Sims Compost Paperback – Nov 1993  by Charles Walters (Author)

Albrecht on Soil Balancing (Paperback)by William A., Ph.D. Albrecht (Author), harles Walters (Editor)

Steiner's Preps are cow manure with herbs, ground up crystals, herbs buried in a cow horn over winter. The cow horn draws in cosmic energies as well as the manure provides nitrogen fixing bacteria that grow on the crystals and herbs. Then when they are stirred in a barrel, the vortex energies along with oxygen and multiplying of bacteria millions of times acts as super probiotics for not only the soil but also when sprayed on the plants leaves, nitrogen fixing bacteria on the plants leaves. One person had 10 inches of top soil in 10 years rather than 100 years for 1 inch. 

What people are not told, the plants are biocosmic energy converters from air 99% more than from the soil as a tree grown in a pot after 5 years and removed, only had less than 1% of the soil removed.  has test results on nutrition from regular commercial toxic blueberries to wild organic to organic to beyond organic blueberries. She measures for 18 minerals instead of 11. Yterrium mineral increases rats or mice life times 2 to 3x longer. When have you heard that on CNN? She explains soil testing giving sample reports and shows Brix Meter $60 about on an easy inexpensive way of testing leaves light reflection to see how healthy they are. Including when buying organics to get the best!


Iridology by Bernard Jenson with charts of the colored part of the eye showing deficiencies and areas of weakened organs. 
Live Blood Analyses showing red blood cells clumping, toxic colon, candida yeast, parasites, heavy metals, poor immune system etc. using iridology with concentration on the bowel, Chinese analyses of tongue, fingers, ears, and their muscle kinesiology getting % energy capacity of organs. What types of toxins in the body. And what supplements and herbs would be most beneficial with times and amounts for best utilization in the body.
Electrodiagnostic machines like the Voll, Interro, Hieronymus, Bruce Copen Radionics machines can pick up hidden allergies, toxins in the body that conventional medical testing won't show. They can also help pick the highest energy water for you. The first most important thing I would check first would be water as the better the 
water, the more a person wants to drink water keeping the hydration up. When it is poor quality water, pop, alcohol, etc. become that much more attractive. 
Asyra PRO by Gtec is the only such device registered with the FDA that I know of. Drawing from a clinical pool of 1,800 patients, E. Alan Jeppsen, M.D. and Steven G. Osguthorpe, N.D. from the University of Utah Alternative Medicine Department, conducted a double-blind study which yielded a 97 percent correlation with blood chemistry.

The Gerson Therapy has the longest running record for healing cancers and chronic diseases. Max Gerson was poisoned to stop him. The clinic is $5,000 a week in Mexico whereas lifetreewellness is $500 per week due to her wanting to help others as a true Christian. Doing coffee enemas vs #1 & #2 herbs, I prefer the herbs alot more.

Dr. Coldwell has a 1M reward for any doctor that has a better record of his 93% success rate in Germany. He was forced out, threatened, car fire bombed, offered bribes to be quiet etc. His Book the only Answer to Cancer and Instinct Based Medicine are 2 pretty good books. Get Shulze's first though - best simplest most  straight forward, the Gerson Therapy next for pointing out all the toxins like mercury fillings, chemicals in food, water USE distilled water and add minerals like fulvic &/or real salt. I use or in the US
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