Health Graph 95% Drop in Food Minerals In 100 Years What do you think of this GRAPH tracking the drop in minerals down to less than 5% compared to 100 years ago? And disease is sky rocketing due to agriculture chemical poisons set at safe limits for Rock Corp Profits? I have a graph showing virtually everyone is going to die from cancer within 40 years or less at current rates if a person does not eat organic food.

Organic food has 400 to 10,000% more nutrition. Non-organic food has 8x to 9x the pesticides and agricultural poisons. Kevin Trudeau tells people to buy a can of Raid insect spray, take an organic apple and eat it. Then spray one time with the Raid and try eating it to compare. Well orchards can spray 5 to 10x and they poisons bioaccumulate to make 10 to 100x the poisons!!!!

Is it worth it to go to farmers markets? Buy bulk? Solve digestion miseries, headache, arthritis and other diseases from agricultural poisons?

Try it for 3 weeks and find like me, I have spent over $20,000 going to different alternative practioners with not one telling me about organics, charging big dollars for supplements that didn't usually do much for me except Richard Shulze's #1 & #2 formula and some specialty bulk herbs that test high % for me.

The organic food has helped my health the most. I buy organic seeds like mung (taste like fresh peas once soaked), lentil, garbanzo, wild rice etc. use some minerals in the soaking water to make more energies to really get energy into my body.


milligrams mineralization (phosphorous top left, selenium second etc. - left side) in the food per 100 grams 95% with lines per mineral

from 1900 to 2012 (decades bottom)

along with ammonium nitrate, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide GMO & glyphosate (middle) used in agriculture?


From the bottom left to the right by decades, the graph lines also shows how cancer obesity heart conditions is climbing rapidly along with asthma skyrocketing per 100,000 people on the right side.


Our guest tonight Buster used to farm commercially and has studied extensively into alternative health. For him, it is worth one year of expensive private college education exposing the 1B lies being taught. He will explain further but people without studying the graph will not realize the significance of that information. full article. Takes longer to load with video option for the whole interview. There is a popup window which can make the screen go black for a while. (Feel free to not sign up and go away). A person can click on not signing up and proceeding.


You can also download the transcript about 30 pages or just the webpage about 8 pages very most important information with the super important 4 GRAPhS OR CHARTS with short notes in between showing how important minerals are for soils, then plants and then for people. This chart shows asthma going up 4112% from 1980 to 2011.


As demineralization increases, disease rates rise, as indicated in the following chart. Dr. Dunning also scoured the archives of the CDC, NIH, American Heart Association, and other agencies, tracking the incidence of disease over the same periods, and came up with the second chart below. As you can see, a very clear pattern emerges when all this information is combined. full article.



The graphs can be copied into word doc, edited to make larger and printed off to be filed under super important information

ref 1 value of printing & reading paper vs computer electronic flashes - bottom at end of article.


Looking back, if I had a choice again of my father paying for one year of expensive private education or paying the same amount for someone printing off those graphs in word doc and explaining to me what they really meant - I would take the latter. And saved a year of expensive brain washing memorizing 90% useless facts, figures and knowledge to keep students from learning the super most important information about life.


In brief, the more farmers follow advice from Rock cartel controlled corps and schools, the more toxic the soil and food causing more toxic people. Those toxic chemical poisons are bioaccumulating in the air, water, soil and all life around going into oceans causing dead zones where when fish swim in, they die.




Then those sick people go to the legalized drug pushers for the pharmaceutical companies (ie doctors practicing medicine) to get killed more : #3 cause of death in the US according to what they admit too from their records. Doctors 3rd leading cause of death
These total to 225,000 deaths per year from iatrogenic causes induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy.


 If a person giving herbs to a person that has a headache, they are on the news as being a criminal despite no evidence that the herb was even connected to the headache. When doctors go on strike, the death rates drop - up to an astounding 50% in Israel.


When I was younger, I read about ignorant witch doctors using burning coals to drive out spirits. When I have seen what doctors do with chemotherapy and radiation like my grand mother cutting off breasts, radiating her arm so the bone turns gangerous thus cutting a section out, and giving chemotherapy. So she is in severe pain needing morphine before she dies etc, I believe doctors are worse and more ignorant than witch doctors as they are burning people inside out rather than on just the inside. Just my belief. Feel free to disagree.


People wonder how the Germans put up with Nazi Death camps? I would rather go to a Nazi death camp and get it over in 30 minutes rather than paying huge tax payer dollars to suffer like other treated cancer patients over years like a mother in law for 5 years. Just my belief. Feel free to disagree.


People will have to draw their own conclusions from that graph as doctors, naturepaths and others are often fearful of saying too much bluntly that people are being poisoned by eating non-organic food due to loosing their medical licenses, being sued, loosing business, people getting upset, over whelmed not knowing what to do.


Also people will have to also decide what is the priorities in their life with the resources and options they have. It can be amazing what happens for doors opening up when people start asking themselves what is possible in their situation?


I posted an extension of this article at the bottom showing how their institutions science studies are so fraudulent that when facts are compared side by side, it is readily apparent that they are lying through their super computers, degrees and Monsanto pay offs and if that doesn't work - black mail or threats and if that doesn't work - arsenic poisoning to stop them like Max Gerson - documented in blood tests.


Dr. Coldwell has a 1M reward for any medical doctor having a better success rate of his 92%. He has been forced out of Germany, car fire bombedposted publically which I can't take the time now to look up that link.

Planning later to get more of this information in a health link in the future.



Well - What about you? Do you want to be told the truth or lied too by me too?


My wife died at 47 Febrary 14, 2010 from breast cancer after suffering in agony for 3 months in the hospital because we didn't know despite trying our best, both with college degree her & 5 years of college mysefl and trying so much stuff.

She had 4 cavitations in her jaw from improperly removed wisdom teeth leaving the tendons behind which after the bone grew around, rotted, causing the bone to rot creating 4 pus pockets. A panoramic non-digital x-ray showed the initial cavitations confirmed by detailed x-rays done by the biological dentist Evens? Centre Calgary. We found that out too late not giving her enough time to recover.

If I can save others from going the agony that we did, I would really like to do so if I can do it through something simple like this website. If any of this information might help others, please feel free to share.

I don't want the stress of dealing with sick people as I have just a few of the answers. I wished I knew for certain the total right answer but I don't. It is all the inputs reducing toxins as much as possible and increasing the good as much as possible.


Often people don't have much money to spend (mine is getting down there too now), often those that claim the answers just charging big dollars with not much benefit including alternative health because they don't get at the fundamentals.



100% organic food first as much as possible. That last 5% can still kill off probiotics etc. - The toxic chemicals in store bought food kill off protiotics in the gut as well as eating out the gut. No one ever told me that until I read that in composting leaves about 2 months ago, they advise not using herbicide sprayed plants because the benefical bacteria are killed off. Thus to me, the more toxic ones are the only ones cabable of surviving.


You will find more good information here on this one web page than several people I have talked too that went to naturepaths. One person spent $400 for just one hour consultation thinking she was getting the best advice she could find.


Then add #1 colon herbs then #2 colon herbs from and then follow the rest of his steps in his book like vegan. Use organic beets for iron.


Richard Shulze has treated 20,000 people clinically as in real life beside all those since. He has success stories like his own compared to doctors who just extend people's suffering. If a psychopath did it, he would be charged with torture.


"Just look at us, everything is backwards; everything is upside down.
Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy
knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information
and religions destroy spirituality."
Michael Ellner


Conventional drugs didn't help me and a lot of other people I know. In fact they often made me sicker if I didn't stop soon enough. Dr. Richard Shulze healed his defective heart and valve, burnt hand to the bones and torn ligaments in his knee which left it flopping around. He uses purer water, juicing organic food, live food, cutting all animal products out, colon cleansing herbs, spiritual and emotional cleansing, exercise etc.


His juice formula of carrot, beet/beet top and wheat grass literally saved lives as he would even take it to them in the hospital.


In his second decade of clinical practice he worked almost exclusively with patients suffering from cardiac, neurological, cancerous and other degenerative (so-called incurable) diseases. His clinic became famous for those patients whom western medicine had given up on and who were sent home to die. His clinic was also recognized for Dr. Schulze's highly effective Natural Healing programs, his powerful herbal formulae and his many patients curing themselves, in spite of the death sentence handed to them by their medical doctors. Many of his patients are still alive today, 20, even 30 years after their medical doctors told them they would soon die! 


He treated 20,000 people before being jailed and shut down in California. His bio Can read online.


Although I highly recomending calling 800 437 2362 for free book 20 Powerful Steps to Health to be sent to you shipping and handling included in the US. Half of the call center want shipping paid to Canada. If you have it, I vote doing that.

Otherwise call again Melissa? or some others will send it free.

Electronic flashes of the computer drop memory from 80% written page to 5% computer screen. Part is due to radiated light, part puting the brain into a hypnotic state in 30 seconds and electronic flashes frying the brain and memory. Also reading allows a person to move faster or slower depending on comprehension. Movies etc. don't allow that. Notice the difference for yourself. Also how the young can't focus on more difficult brain thinking.


The super important information is hard to find with so much good information on the internet.


as farming went to continuous mechanical plowing, the soil microorganisms were killed some and the mineralization going into plants dropped about 10%.


The Rock Cartel started selling synthetic anhydrous ammonia derived from natural gas feedstock and N2 atmospheric gas in order to increase yields artificially. What people are not told, the anhydrous ammonia first freeze dries the soil, then gases it further killing the microorgisms. Chemistry in schools are taught with pure chemicals so people do not realize that natural gas also contains toxic small amounts of heavy metals, H2S gas, small amounts of radioactivity, etc.

The plant can not avoid up taking this synthetic fertilizer along with the toxic elements so people are also eating small amounts of anhydrous ammonia, natural gas molecules, heavy metals, H2S, some radioactivity. This further poisons the soil and microorganisms some.


A store bought plant can have 15% more protein over organic due to the anhydrous ammonia molecule being greater in that plant. But that is an altered foreign protein not as healthy for the body as a natural healthy plant protein.


Weeds are natures repair crew so more weeds grow in an attempt to repair the damage. For instance, Canada thistle and quack grass grows more in compacted calcium depleted soils. Their deep tap roots breaking up the compaction bring up deeper earth minerals, convert them into calcium iron etc. in a biological transformation of one form of minerals to another.


Another example is, chickens when their diet was measured, it was found out that they produced 30x more calcium output in the eggs and shells compared to the calcium input. is a super good resource into organics, networking etc. and exposing the corrupt agriculture green revolution model.

They had one article where a person bought compacted destroyed anhydrous soil, allowed the weeds to grow to seed for one year. Then he turned them under, let them grow like that for 7 years. He had really healthy soil then. Some Amish and others are doing that also.


The Rock Cartel had virtually 90% control of the head of the educational system by the 1930's using the dirty tricks that enabled them to gain 90% control of the oil refinery business by the 1890's. This used this control in order to spread downwards and corrupt the new teachers, graduates etc. and deliberately covered up information or simply kept financing studies that created more problems on top of more problems giving them newer markets for their more toxic herbicides to kill off the weeds.


Insects are nature's repair crew. They eat incomplete proteins and will die if they eat highly mineralized -high sugar content high brix reading plants. If for some reason they did eat the plant, the sugars change into alcohol and will kill them. Also satellite photos show them flying over head several miles and targeting more diseased fields using their infrared antenna (Phil Callahan - expert in this area). And other energy field detectors that science is still guessing at or at least not telling most Ph. Ds etc. so they will be skeptical of everything except of what they are taught. They are taught about evidence based science using studies deliberately chosen to influence the direction of toxic chemistry. For example one website mentioned of about 36,000 USDA studies, only about 36 were done on organics. One study showed about 400% increase in nutrition done over multiple locations, states over non-organic food.


People don't realize just by choosing what to measure and which instruments to measure plant nutrition, the study itself is flawed. For example the higher price for higher protein content in wheat.


People often don't realize wheat has changed from gluten 15% in the early 1900's to 50% today. Also they have enhanced gladian protein which act on the opiate part of the brain to create addiction and stimulate more eating of wheat. There is a link to brain fog, Alzheimer's, parkinsonism, MS, autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, diabetes, arthritis etc. from reactions to the wheat in the body.


It creates inflammatory chemicals called cytokines.


Dr. Davis with a wheat sensitivity ate Einkorn felt fine normal and had normal blood sugar elevation. He then ate 4oz organic wheat bread and his blood sugar was 57 points higher than with einkorn. He felt nauseated, it lasted 36 hours, couldn't think straight.


And people wonder why the young are not doing good in school and why they are making such lousy choices like going on drugs, sex what ever in an attempt to feel good or at least not rotten. If a doctor is affected so much, what are those poor young going to do?


Today's wheat has 5% proteins not found in either parent.


I have % muscle tested 2 people. 80% good organic for Einkorn - the oldest wheat variety, 60% organic Spelt next oldest variety, 40% for organic wheat, if milled conventional, only about 5-10% good as then it is rancid and  lost most of it's nutrients.

Now wheat grown with zero till with roundup chemical is that much worse especially when the flour is old and rancid.


So the Rock Cartel has their agricultural agents promote the new science of agriculture that insecticides are necessary to kill off the insects. A poison is a poison further going into the ground killing off the microorganisms. Thus less gross minerals in the soil is converted by the billions of different microorganisms converting even less gross atoms or minerals into more colloidal cheated form that the plant can uptake.


As the soil health further deteriates, more toxic synthetic chemistry is needed to combat the problems they created such as fungicides, then GMO seeds and glyphosate.


They plant millions of seedlings in more and more toxic chemicalized soil with increased radioactivity from all the nuclear fall out of over 400 nuclear bomb tests that the internet reported in one search. They choose tougher more altered varieties that yield higher bulk but less nutrition. The roots are tougher tap with less spreader roots in order to survive the more toxic conditions. Because of less roots, they do not survive drought or wet conditions as well so many Indian farmers are committing suicide over failed GMO crops. And people think that is just internet exaggeration. Monsanto sell this to the farmers as the latest newest thing. They need to plant this to save the starving world.


Whereas the reality in super organics, they are producing 1M pounds of fish and floating greens on 3 acres and 16 foot tall corn that tastes like real corn instead of plastic kernels.


So minerals are down to less than 5% and people are spending billions of dollars in supplements trying to obtain minerals, enzymes, proteins etc. that are so deficient and depleted in the plants. Along with the toxic ag chemicals.



On the right side of the graph is the mineral deficiency disease per 100,000s of people. So as minerals drop along with the toxic agricultural chemical poisons bioaccumulation each year in the soils, water & air that people are eating with their "safe governmental approved food", cancer, obesity, heart conditions are rising pretty fast over the decades (about 60% slope vs about 90% slope for asthma rise).


The doctors and corporations along with the mass media act puzzled as to what is going on and keep emphasing the need for more money to do more research. Almost as many or more people are doing research on cancer as are dying from it. Of course all the studies are done on the symptom of the problem rather than the fundamental problem -






In contrast those into super healthy soils & plants like Jana Bogs with her book Beyond Organic - Growing for Maximum Nutrition and Flavor - $10 kindle, $30? Amazon, $25? her site, she is getting better nutrition than even wild organics by soil sampling 18 minerals vs only 11 conventional, etc. 


And getting calcium up around 5000? lbs per ace absorbable calcium, 500? lbs magnesium, only about 40 lbs potassium, phosphorous etc. Plants are yielding and producing that much more using healthy natural soil amendments like gypsum, dolomite ( 50 lb bags of D-325 ground the finest is better is high in calcium and magnesium plus micro minereals) humates, (70 minerals in 190 combination) foliar feeding with sea weed etc. from other sources.

Did you know from Secrets of Plants by Thompkins or other books that a plant gets over 95% of its nutrients from the air dust &/or some conversion of fine cosmic energies to gross energies as a tree grown in a pot for 5 years showed that only 4? oz of dirt was used during that time when they measured the dirt before and after growing it the pot.




ref 1 Electronic flashes of the computer drop memory from 80% to 5% as well as hurting the eyes as well as giving people little doses of emf fields. Pseudeology: The Art of lying

Brain monitors show part of the brain going into an hypnotic state within 30 seconds of watching. Nice eh for absorbing all those manipulative TV commercials - the corps have it down so good that they play a stop smoking commercial and increase the desire to smoke 2x. They showed a person writing down on a piece of paper what he wanted to buy in the store before he went in. A NLP practioner sat down and visited with him for about 7 minutes emphasing B M W and buy in different words. The person bought a BMW bike. Pulling out his wallet with the paper showed he had written down black leather jacket.

Another section showed people coming out of a movie theater. Then simply by playing a short few second clip in front of them, for most of them, it did something to their memory that they couldn't tell the questioner what they had just watched in the movie theater.


Another section showed so much information flooding through the brain subconsciously with subliminal words etc. that that person's core beliefs were altered about values such as relationships, God, family, spending money.  




And spray some chemtrails, leak some information about vaccinations etc. so that people keep buying toxic store food thinking they are saving money and being skeptical about how good organic food is?

DID YOU KNOW THAT MICROWAVED TESTING ON CERTAIN FREQUENCIES WAS DONE TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE CALLED A TELEPHONE NUMBER OUT OF THE BLUE? That gave feed back on the effectiveness of their tuning right into people's brains directly.


I was wondering why I was getting such resistance from people when I was just trying to give such super good information away? Do you really think they would just stop doing a science experiment and start using it for the good of the people?



If you are interested and have the time, I would like your feedback on this chart 


For me, it is worth one year of college in exposing 1 Billion lies I was taught in college.

For me studying it, I believe with backup information, that the #1 cause of cancer, obesity, heart disease and asthma is man made chemicals coming to people primarily through agricultureal chemicals used in food production. That is poisoning the soil, water and air with billions of pounds per year. And bioaccumulating each year.


I believe that those poisons are the #1 stress for people rather than stress being the cause of distress.

When I do a search on symptoms of chemical poisoning what comes up is the same as what I see in nursing homes - MS, Parkinsons, ALS, Alzheimers, fatigue, drooling, pain, neurological conditions etc.


Just because doctors have 1,000 different names for diseases doesn't mean that there is 1,000 different fundamental causes.

Back to the reference chart, it should have billions of pounds of toxic poisons along the top for each year applied in the US.


That then explains to me psychology and psychiatry is also another huge fraud as the major problem they are dealing with people is actually low doses of chemical poisoning accumulated over the years.

One doctor in his ad for his newsletter mentioned that with super nutrition, 85% of alcholics and smokers quit drinking voluntarily with in 3 to 4 months. 80% of two mental institutes (one in Calgary AB) walked out after being on super nutrition

A brother in law told me of a study with rats. On a good diet water and alcohol, the rats drank water. Another group on a poor diet with water and alcohol, started drinking alcohol. When they were switched, the alcoholic rats started drinking water and vice versa.


No wonder people are stressed out?

It seems so simple that I don't know why more people haven't caught on to this?

Do you catch on to this??????


As another example:

1/3 of the fish in Lake Eire have liver cancer. Is that because of life style choices, change in diet, lack of exercise, more emotional stress, change in genetics?


Or is the chemical toxic poisons in the water?

Most common sense people with out degrees tell me they believe it is primarily the chemical toxins poisons. More of the highly educated people argue with me that it can't be proven, there isn't enough studies yet to prove it etc.


That my making those statements is going to far. It is assertions rather than substantiated fact.


Then to me, the next step in my reasoning that if people are being poisoned with chemicals, drugs from the doctor are just another poison killing them faster.

Naturopathic Practitioners telling people to make better choices in diet and life style are only a little bit better than doctors when they don't show people how vitally important it is to

1. Stop poisoning themselves with GMO food with glyphosate the worstest and then regular store bought food. Organic food is essential and more important than supplements if a person has to make a choice with their money it seems to me.


2. Buy food from as highly mineralized soils as possible for the extra nutrients - 400% vs 100% from one study done in multiple locations and states. The USDA? does about 34,000 studies of which only 36? were organic from one source.

3. Filter water and more expensive sources have to be used to check for safe limits of toxic agricultureal chemicals that are only safe for corporate profits. Not for people's health.


To show how fraudulent the WHO and Mayo Clinic and others are. The WHO I found a link that publishes a study stating that only 1-4% (3%) of the cancers are related to chemical toxins and those for people that work in those industries primarily. So relatives that took the CHIP program believe the CHIP program that repeats that and don't believe organics are worth the extra money and time to get them - despite high education and income. The Mayo Clinic says organic is not significantly better in nutrition and both diets are under safe limits so dieticians and others repeat that information in hospitals etc.

Yet another study says those that eat organics have 1/8 the pesticide level in their urine. To me, that is a super important fact regarding health. A person gets 8X THE TOXIC POISON when they eat store bought food.

If pesticides kill insects by acting on their nervous system, skin contact, lungs and stomach and if not on first contact, it will when the insect eats the plant.

How do people think they will be exempt when they eat those plants with poison soaked into that plant. Washing only removes a small amount of the poison.

I think a lot of people know this, they just don't have the hard data to show others all around.

I guess for me, those graphs are super fantastic as condensed reference material. The doctors Merek manual in a way is a joke that it has such good descriptions and definations for just about everything but over looks the most common poisons of all coming into people's bodies - through their food and water. And that their is a 95% correlation if people were not so brain washed to over look the obvious.


It seems to me that pscycologists and psychiatrists are also dealing with just symptoms rather than the fundamental problem of poisons acting on people's nerves and of course adding to their physical stress. And just talking about it for hours and taking more drugs isn't getting at the fundamental problem.


I read a World populations of wildlife drop by more than half according to World Wildlife Fund published by Reuters news paper article showing animal life dropped 52% from 1970 to 2010. Fresh water species dropped 76%. The main reasons given were loss of natural habitant, exploitgation through hunting or fishing and climate change. Nitrogen pollution from fertilizers and phosphorous levels were another 2 factors mentioned.


I look at the graph below and that study article is a huge 1Trillion dollar coverup. Not one mention of toxic agricultural chemicals poisoning the fresh water species.


To poison the king, a person does it slowly over time. A person has to pay for the poison and take time and energy to do it.

To poison the people, the trans national corps do it slowly over time. The producing farmers pay to poison their soil and consuming people pay to poison themselves when they buy the food and then pay more billions to the pharmicitical companies for more drugs from their doctors #3 cause of death - 225,000 deaths each year from prescription drugs.


If you agree, where have you read it put so simply, directly and with such good back up information as this graph?


I am looking from feed back from who ever is interested?


I am trying to find websites that will post this?

I am trying to find people that will forward it on their email lists? What do you think of this chart tracking drop in mineralization 95% along with ammonium nitrate, pesticide, herbicide, fungicide used in agriculture?


As demineralization increases, disease rates rise, as indicated in the following chart. Dr. Dunning also scoured the archives of the CDC, NIH, American Heart Association, and other agencies, tracking the incidence of disease over the same periods, and came up with the second chart below. As you can see, a very clear pattern emerges when all this information is combined. full article.


If a person does a projection on cancer, obesity, bone deformities, heart conditions, asthma, tinnitis, what do you think will happen?


Do you think that this information is significant enough to be sharing with others?