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SETH  -  He also mentioned the Seth Books by Jane Roberts also near bottom.Mark Frost is now the channeler for him and I know of someone else as me that got a reading from Seth. I super love him.  11 of his pdf books on sale for those with money. They were purchased and posted in rar file at the bottom also. 911: The Unknown Reality of the World, The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul, Thought Reality, All That Is, Mystery Civilizations, Soul Mate Soul Family, Seth - A Multidimensional Autobiography, Resonance - Manifesting Your Heart's Desire,, Love Being - Waking Up in the New Consciousness, Seth on Death and the Afterlife, The Reality Creator's Handbook. In one rar file no viruses.

Raylan Gunther wrote that Fraction 2/3 from their research believed that Edgar Cayce and CAC were the 2 best sources. Raylan has interviewed Will Berlinghof (now with his own website  and the CAC original organization is now using Michelle) several times on her site which gets 1M hits a month.

For me I like sharing CAC which is like a grapevine to the universe. It combines so much good information together like from Bible, Eastern, Science & Metaphysics in a fairly simple straight forward language. If there is a better source, I would like to know about it. CAC - Cosmic Awareness Communications new site $44 electronic yearly subscription $52 paper Free Materials Meditations Cord Cutting, Healing, Philosophy, Cosmic Metaphysics Course, Sharing Favors in Lieu of Money, How to survive a plummeting economy and get to know your neighbors, Cosmic Laws, Booklet introducing CAC in depth. News articles from CAC such as healing depression, GMO, the beast in plain sight, Global Meditation, Resonance, Battlefield is you, Moving forward, Searchable 44 years archived of monthly or more issues with search of words like soul mate, health, ET, emf, etc. with short descriptions around each. Various interpretors from Ralph Duby initially to Will Berlinghof at present were facilitators. Michelle is starting as a new voice.
CAC has information on becoming a channel. CAC advises members to always question the information given with their life experience, not to just accept it and advises right up front that it is not 100% accurate due to various reasons such as comprehension, energies of the interpretator and sorting through the energies and knowledge to determine on how and what should be given. September Issue Revelations of Awareness Sanya Romain in her book from ORIN has Opening to Channel also for those wanting to make more of a connection to their higher selves. Her books on Spiritual Growth and Creating Money are super fantastic.
Vikki is a widow of the initial founder and doing a great work on keeping this super valuable information going out into the world. It is difficult when people want valuable spiritual and life information for free yet pay valuable money to be brain washed with TV ads, movies, news etc. to buy unsatisfying expensive material possessions that give limited satisfaction. I have 3 fingers pointing back at myself when I look down on that too. store for purchasing back issues, etc.
+++++++++++ Index of website of Will Berlinghof was present facilitator for CAC. He does readings/sessions & posts extra recording and transcripts here not found in the monthly CAC monthly newsletter for an annual subscription of $72? 2 Hour Sessions are $200 for CAC & RB members. $350 without that membership. Cosmic Awareness Will Answer Your Questions. A personal, confidential reading/session is just an email away and it can transform your life!A mutually agreeable time can be scheduled during which your own questions can be posed for  the amazingly insightful, appropriate responses and/or advice offered by Cosmic Awareness. Counselling sessions with Will can also be arranged. Email Callista to make a booking. Be sure to include your landline telephone number and location in your email and we will email you back to confirm date and time. We use Skype but you don't have to have Skype for us to call you. We can call you anywhere in the world.Please allow two hours for a session. All readings are recorded and sent as audio files to your email  address. To arrange your reading please email Callista at Also some public free CAC current updates through RB are posted here such as crucial & our negative innner programming.

+++++++++ CAC Master File articles on  an older site still up on CAC information from more of an conspiracy viewpoint and overview of all the different angles and players.  Main Index of older website still functioning with lots of links & fantastic free information such as
example near bottom - In dealing with illness of power within individuals, or in the earth, the need is to look at What Is, then to start raising the vibrations from there. Entities have it in their power to change the world, to change the course of events, and to bring a heaven on Earth The future is never fixed, and becomes changed as consciousness changes.

This Awareness wishes entities to understand consciousness can only change when entities no longer judge themselves or others, when entities no longer seek to be higher or further out, greater or more powerful than another or themselves. When entities can accept themselves as they are, then they can move on to other ways of being. For this Awareness is not concerned with whether entities are materialistic, spiritual, right or wrong, higher or lower, ascended or descended, but whether entities love one another and whether entities love themselves, and are responsive to the needs of one another.

This Awareness asks not for sacrifice, but for service. The Network of Light and Visualization Project start webpage - go to bottom to enter Wrapping in White Light for Protection This Awareness indicates that Its main message has been: "Surrender self to Divinity!
Give up the personal agendas to follow the Agenda of the Divine. All that is necessary is to give up self-importance and allow Divine Importance to take over" THE PRECEPTS OF COSMIC AWARENESS Judge Not,Be Humble,Never Do Anything Contrary to the Law of Love, Do Nothing Contrary to the Law of Mercy Index - continuing further snips

The Intergalactic Forces of Light (Get your Manual!)
Why Earth is Called the Insane Asylum of the Galaxy
Wrapping in White Light For Protection
The Seven Ages
The end of the natural human species?
Life After Death (part 1 and 2)
How the Akashic Records work & You are your own judge at time of death
The Star Maker - A Glimpse into Eternity
"Operation Terra" (Messages from the Host of Heaven) Food being depleted and chemicals along with gmo dropping the quality and energies Why is earth called the insane asylum of the universe? Earth outer edges dumping ground for various expirements. This Awareness indicates that in this manner, the energies of the life forces become positive in nature, and more acceptable, and do not become involved in the same tactics as the energies of the Dark forces, which are preoccupied with judgment and rejecting concepts.


2000-1   Most Entities Have a Feeling They have Some Purpose in Life
page 6) most entities find themselves going downhill in terms of their vital purpose for living, once they give up on their DREAMS #page 6-7) When Life Has Been Devoured by Piranhas of Daily Events; when DREAMS are devoured by daily activities

2000-4  The Greatest Lie Being Perpetuated
page 2) the greatest lie is accepting limitations as promoted by authority. it begins when you tell children "You can't do that! It's impossible. You can't make your DREAMS come true! You can't accomplish that! Certain things are impossible!"

2000-5  Oxygenate Your Brain for the Crises Coming
page 8) it does not benefit entities to live in a glorious fantasy world if they are not also in touch with the real world, but it does help entities who are in touch with reality to have their DREAMS and fantasies of a better world

2001-5  Many Things Yet Undreamed of in the Universe
page 8) #There are many who seek power. The seeking of power relates to their unconscious realization that with power and influence over others they can force their DREAMS on others or share their DREAMS with others, and together energize the reality they wish to promote. #DREAMS Can be Shared And Not Forced on Others;page 8#Some promote good and healthy DREAMS and others promote DREAMS of self-glory and self-grandeur. Individuals can dream and promote things in their lives that help them have greater influence in promoting further DREAMS or they can simply work on their own DREAMS, influencing by concentrating on their DREAMS, and if their DREAMS are those which benefit others, they do not have to force them on others. They only need to share them with others and others will gather to help promote those DREAMS

2001-5  Using the Television as a Metaphor for Many Lifetimes
page 3) entering into a different frequency; if you want to remain there was one of the natives of that frequency, you would need to develop a full-time full-size body and that is what occurs on earth through the birth process and the feeding and nurturing of the body until it reaches the size that you seek. This body then becomes your temple, your carriage or whatever you wish to call it, that houses your spirit or soul in that realm. You are of course able to get out of the carriage or leave the temple or housing of your body if you so wish. Most people prefer to stay in except during nighttime when sleeping. Upon going to sleep they pass through the portal or what may be termed the worm hole in their reality and go into another dimension, where they walk around in a kind of astral or starry body. These DREAMS then may be recalled as vividly as if they had actually taken place, or may be dismissed upon waking up in passing back into your body.

2002-11  Understand the Right Brain Does Not Think Words or Thoughts
page 15-16) the silence of the right brain is that which may give you the impression that you cannot contact it. You must understand that the right brain does not think words or thoughts as does the left brain, so that you do not receive thoughts out of the right brain and therefore, you may think that it is not working when in fact it may be working quite well in the silence that it emits. You may wish to quiet the left brain so that the right brain has more of a chance of expressing itself. The right brain expression generally is through dance and music and through DREAMS. it will also experience or express itself through image and intuition, so that when you have a sudden insight, such as a flash or picture, that may be the right brain in action.

2004-10  The New World Order Will Not Prevail- Earth Will Be Restored
page 14) there were also certain extraterrestrial influences from Vega, Arcturus and the Pleiades , and also from Lyra, all of whom will play roles to influence the changes in the coming times, so that these mad DREAMS of a 4th Reich, a New World Order based on Nazi concepts of a 4th Reich will not prevail, and that the earth itself will not be turned over to the subhuman extraterrestrials, the Reptoids or Greys; but will be restored to those human types with the help of the extraterrestrials from Vega, Arcturus, Lyra and the Pleiades. The destiny for the human race is toward spiritual evolution, not toward physical slavery, even if such spiritual and physical slaver must occur for a short period in order to awaken the consciousness of humans. The destiny still lies in the spiritual awakening.

2005-4  How Thoughts Create Reality
page 11-12) (Why Many Manifestations Do Not Occur) thoughts when held steadfast can bring about manifestations. There is the question on how one can manifest a reality and many entities will take a few seconds to image their DREAMS and them move back into their own reality, which does not accept their dream and these entities wonder why their manifestations don't occur. If entities hold their thoughts steadfast long enough, they can move mountainous concepts into manifestation. It is extremely important to keep the focus and this means holding your concepts in your mind, perhaps for long periods of time, not just once in awhile. Also, one must remember and realize that thoughts of others have their influence on so many of the manifestations. When one begins to manifest a reality that affects others, he or she must realize that the others involved may have their own agenda and manifest something different. One entity cannot manifest and change the whole world to suit himself simply by visualizing a world in which he or she dominates. It is often said that you create your own world, but this is only true to a limited degree. You create aspects of your own world by the way you think, by the way you image, by those things you draw into your life through your thinking. Many entities are quick to criticize someone else for not having their life together and say "...You create your own life! Your own world, so why tell me about it?" It is often a fact that the person cannot alter certain facts of his/her life. Perhaps other people are meddling in your dream, stomping on your visions, forcing you to live a life that does not have room for your wishes......Entities can interfere with each others DREAMS and visions...

2006-10  When Earth Ascends into the DREAMScape Level
(How Will a Typical Day be Spent by Entities?) page 2) what would be most prevalent in the new DREAMScape level is how effectively one uses their imagination, and how open one might be to believing one could create whatever they wish to experience. ...It might be possible to begin to manifest whatever was needed, but this does not mean that immediately after the ascension process of Mother Earth, the planet, and those who would inhabit her into that higher level, the next plane, would know immediately how to manifest all their needs. There is a transition period that will take many many years...but what will be noticed and that it is indeed possible to bring into existence that which you put your mind to, that which you put your imagination to, your will to, and your heart to. It will still come through a process of a third-dimensional nature to some degree, because Mother Earth will still have that physical quality, as will the individuals involved, but it will be at an enlightened level... The time for instantaneous manifestation is indeed ahead, but will not be so immediately after the splitting of the two planets with the one version moving into that higher dimensional landscape; the other moving into that denser dimensional landscape, but the possibility is there that one can bring to oneself that which is wished for and desired...


Awareness tells you not to believe anything,
even this Awareness not to believe, but to question,
explore, doubt and discover for yourself what is the truth.
Cosmic Awareness only indicates and suggests.

+++++++++ Some past issues of CAC posted under cosmic copywrite. It is a balance of having people pay for such valuable information to those that have sacrificed over 44 years to get this information out versus so many people that are struggling financially just to get by.

snips from my memory

CAC says that the future is becoming more malleable so that what we desire/fear can manifest that much faster. So it is important to focus more on the good that can happen as otherwise we can draw in the negative.
Each person can connect with Divinity and their Soul in order to create more positive beneficial futures.
Also that we are multidimensional and Orin in Sanaya Romain's books says that we are becoming more of a telepathic race now.
So it looks like pretty interesting times.
Cosmic Awareness Communications - CAC mentioned about 20 years back that the space war had been going against the Pleiedians etc so had to pull back some of their forces in order to deal with that. It appears in the last 10 years that the Russians & Chinese are making more alliances with the Pleiedians against the Orion, Reptilian & Greys.
It mentioned the primary purpose of the Hubble telescope was to monitor UFO/space craft. There was so many that they couldn't airbrush them out fast enough so used the excuse of equipment malfunction in order to get on top of things before they released some images. 

Quite a few months ago, it mentioned that Elenin was a Galactic Confederation Vehicle coming in and NASA had sent a veiled warning to the Elite about something unexpected occuring and to buy gold.
And that the DC & Denver earthquakes were artificial.
It has mentionend that thoughts are manifesting more rapidly now and mankind has choices on whether they will create a garden of eden on earth or not.
And that Earth is splitting into 2 frequencies with Earth A ascending and Earth B descending with service to self humans and aliens.
Man is like a holographic projection from the High Self in order to learn from this physical reality. And that we are multidimensional selves exploring different dimensions/times at once (my image is like the tip of an iceberg and we mostly focus on just the tips of ourselves rather than the rest of the connections deeper).
And that earth is like a Smithsonian Library of genetics due to different races leaving genetics of humans, plants and animals here as it is on a trade cross road route.
And that Dark Magicians from Atlantis are part of the dark side here contributing to their actions. And the elite want to control as much as they can on the different timelines.
And that the Sirians that did some of the original genetic modifications for the Annunakani? to man slipped in extras that would upgrade humans down the centuries later as part of their contribution to their freedom. 
And part of the fraction against the NWO with a helpful race helped change communications so that the fleet of reptilians cryogenically frozen coming in were steered into Jupiter back about a decade ago as part of misinformation of what the masses were told was the Shoemaker? comet. Except the comet was 7 parts fallowing each other in a line changing direction which isn't normal.
May Issue 12
Others are "Creative Beings" Too!
Also there is a lack of recognition as well that all others are creator beings as well. Therefore it is often very difficult for the individual to understand why people would bring death and destruction into their lives, upheaval, damage, pain, and chaos; why one would see a son or daughter killed in an accident, or a hurricane or an earthquake. Why would these things occur? Why would one choose poverty and unemployment like so many are seeing around them?
One needs to understand that these experiences that each other individual on the planet is having are those experiences they themselves, in their spiritual aspect, decided to have in conjunction with the totality of their soul and even with God's intention and cooperation.
Thus it is that when others around you are experiencing their dilemmas, their crises, and their chaos - one cannot go into their crises, their chaos, and their dilemmas in order to save them, for one will only become absorbed by those crises, those dilemmas, and the catastrophe and disruption of those lives.
Therefore one must start to work on oneself first and foremost and not be at the upset of those in chaos around them. It is easy to be swept up into another's pain, another's beliefs, another's journey, and forget that you are Spirit Beings having an experience that is right and just for you.
Random Injustice and Chaos May not be so Random
It is hard to remember that a small child that is killed in a tornado is still a Spirit Being who chose to have that experience. Even though it is not understandable on one level for many, if one understands the truth that each spiritual being has set up and chosen the life for their growth and development, for their evolution and even for their Ascension, it may make it easier to let go of the pain and the confusion that so often accompanies the acts of seemingly random injustice and chaos that so many are experiencing.
As one learns to center oneself in the wheel of one's own life and life experiences, and as one learns to go within to find one's truth and to understand that truth in order to create a new understanding of truth within oneself, then one affects their own circle of life, their own wheel of life. One can create in the context of the individual life one's own individual life meaning and redemption that will take one out of the chaotic undertakings that are happening now on the planet.
+++++++++  Sanya Romain ORIN  has SUPER FANTASTIC good books on Spiritual Growth, Creating Money (100x better than the secret for me), Soul Love, Opening to Channel, Living in Joy, etc. and sample excerpts. 
++++++++++++++++++ Allies of Humanity has really good information on how the elite are having a pacification program for people to accept the Greys etc. And that every ET race has their own agenda. And that humans will loose their sovereignity unless they start taking immediate drastic action on running out of resources, over population, destroying the environment, etc. Patricia Cori has super fantastic channelled information from the Sirian High Councils in the books Atlantis Arising, The Starseed Dialogues, No More Secrets No More Lies which have detailed information on underground bases, em modulation of people, genetic alterations and the ascension of the Sun's energies which they are trying to block with chemtrails and the scaling up of the HARRP program.

Kerry of Project Camelot recommends - Ashayana Deane and the Guardians with her 2 Voyager books for starting. Also RA information 
2 people I know like Bashar's information. I consider it just fluff information when the problems are not given or talked about. But he does come out with a 80% prediction of real problems occuring like a depression with no future elections for the US president if my memory is correct.  Stankov read 500 channelers likes CAC best. Also mentioned Seth Books by Jane Roberts which are super fantastic. Seth has come back through another channelor Mark Frost for those that are interested. I know of someone else as well as myself that got a reading from Seth.  11 of his pdf books on sale for those with money. They were purchased and posted in rar file at the bottom also. 911: The Unknown Reality of the World, The Next Chapter in the Evolution of the Soul, Thought Reality, All That Is, Mystery Civilizations, Soul Mate Soul Family, Seth - A Multidimensional Autobiography, Resonance - Manifesting Your Heart's Desire,, Love Being - Waking Up in the New Consciousness, Seth on Death and the Afterlife, The Reality Creator's Handbook  DOWNLOADABLE RAR FILE BELOW NO VIRUSES.
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