Atlantean Technology Museums Found

 Their is so much ancient technlogy found from much more advanced civilizations from before the flood catastrophe that the Smithsonian Institute was taking it out in the ocean in barges and dumping it. About 90% of what is being told & taught to people are lies which the Roths and others know. snip 

In other words … this is it! Bucegi Mountian is quite likely one of the key locations that Edgar Cayce spoke of when he referred to the legendary Hall of Records. In addition to the Hall of Records in Egypt Cayce was clear about multiple underground chambers and complexes located in sacred lands around the globe. The holy mountains of Tibet, the Mayan temples and the Great Pyramids of Giza (including the Sphinx) have been mentioned in various prophecies and predictions. The CCRG has taken the unusual liberty of posting the great work posted by the folks at Hidden From Humanity. We have done so, first and foremost, in an effort to preserve this priceless research project. The following material is so sensitive and so “radioactive” that it is vulnerable to being disappeared one day … without a trace. Cosmic Convergence Research Group READ MORE: 

It had a frequency fence as protection, holographic knowledge on history, DNA, etc.  and the person that was able to access and use it, could zoom into and view his organs down to the molecular level. There was a chair for amplifying thoughts. He believed that if people knew about this, they would realize that about 90% of what they were told and taught were lies. 

The Masons and US government (ie the Roths) put pressure on the Romanian Government to keep it secret since 2003 unfortunately. 

Cosmic Awareness Communications several years back mentioned a super computer in the earth. If my memory is correct, it was so advanced various ET races are here wanting to learn more about it themselves. Who ever can access it and control it, can either use earth as part of their controlling military planet base or start a freedom movement. 

Anastasia of Ringing Ceder Series Fame believes technology is inferior to the abilities of a human. She remote views, teleports, remotely heals, guides others with her ray and thoughts if they are open to it. Peter Moon - A Holographic Library Left By An Advanced Civilization. The library in Bucegi Mountian. When Samjese? main Pleiedian contact for Billy Meier fell and crushed her skull visiting Billy, the Pleiedians were only able to stabalize her so asked help from the DAL Universe. They teleported from there without using technology which the Pleiedians would have had to use and healed and regenerated her brain.  Lompsang Ramp Tibetan Priest with fantastic books tells about his trip to an ancient musuem higher up in Tibet with holographic images and machines they operated. It didn’t have a frequency fence.  PAGE 64 is a popular site revealing information from claimed high intelligence into crystals of knowledge. I didn’t find any technological information on it so far. There is a possibility it helps divert people from even better sources of information like this site.


Your tax dollars and inertia are supporting the making of this dark side prison planet. 

When you want to make changes and start living a life of freedom, start asking questions and taking action.