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If you thought it was hard to pull off WTC 911 to fool everyone, think how hard or how much control some dynasty has to pull off the war behind the scenes with fractions of ETs, the space program, DUMBs, chemtrails, weather warfare and now this.  Read this for more background on the NWO agenda is the Alien agenda. And that the Bikini Island (21 nuke tests????? of which one that was 1,000x more powerful than Hiroshima destroyed 500,000 ET craft).     Video Showing Flashes in the sky between GF craft and ground weapons of the US Military  CAC confirmed this was the Galactic Federation recovering one of their craft from Texas (ie the Rocks). He writes: "Today the information concerning Ison. The headline concerns Comet Ison silently zapped the U.S. Army Military National Guard Base for two to three hours. This occurred on May 21, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas. This was for our own protection against our so-called leaders and their bosses. As usual, this was not covered on the mainstream media
 Andromedan Craft Shot Down an Draco Ship with an resulting Earthquake 4.9 north of Vancouver December 29, 2015. They did this because the Reptilian underwater craft was going to shut down a stargate opening up in the Rockies bringing in beneficial energies.

_  Youtube Video link desribing the laser 2 pulses that destroyed the Draco ship with 3 escape pods that were captured and removed off planet. This is better than star wars (truth disguised as science fiction) and is – Truth is stranger than fiction. 

The person narrating it is an Andromedan contactee given advance warning about the incident being on either December 23 or 29.

The Canadian Government has tried to remove public information about the earthquake like they did in shutting down the radiation meters that went too high.


This is far out information. Feel free to disregard or delete. Again I have time and the motivation to dig this out and people don’t realize why Pastor Lindsey Williams is warning about a possible grid shut down and the Pope came out with a statement that Christians need to repent due to Fire from Heaven. I believe the Roths got control of the RC church, wealth, Jesuit organization when Napoleon financed by them took out other monarchies and then his general took the pope captive in 1798.


This is 100x more important than the Corey Goode information. There is an information war. By getting people to focus on the seemingly important information like break away civilizations taking control over bases in Mars with fierce terroriatorial fights with natives, etc., they miss the super duper information like militarizing space to shoot down and force away the Galactic Federation.

The darkside humans running earth such as the Roths/Rocks don’t want people to find out they could have made treaties with Beneficial Ets but instead chose to make treaties with the Reptilians, Orion Greys, Short Greys etc. Technology for Human DNA and secret bases. They broke the treaty almost immediately with more damaging abductions and hybrids for an interface in government.

Also they could be used for an army to fight the Galactic Federation according to Cosmic Awareness.

1/40 humans were implanted according to William Cooper Naval Intelligence briefing officer 1996. Now it is about 1/10 the population. 

The Koldrans offered star ship technology but their base in the US was fired on. They removed personal and local offices due to the threat of nuclear war breaking out.
Earth Governments were warned about the dangers of nuclear weapons and power plants. The condition was to go further with the Galactic Federation, they would have to shut down those. Instead they have continued in their insance path with the Roths sabatoguing Fukushimu reactor in their secret war with the Rocks.

It is very difficult to get hard evidence of the secret war by the Reptilians Orion Greys, Short Greys due to the extreme secrecy and coverup. When people realize they are being poisoned, free energy has been suppressed, healing devices suppressed, the elite couldn’t handle the revolt against them. 

THIS ANDROMEDAN SHOOTING AN DRACO REPTILIAN SHIP UNDERWATER occurred 11.49 pm December 29, 2015 north of Victoria BC.  IS SUPER IMPORTANT as it registered as a 4.9 earth quake.  I am including here proof that information re: aftershocks (including a 4.9) from this earthquake is not being reported by USGS or the official Canadian earthquake site maintained by Natural Resources Canada.  TO COVER THIS UP. WHY?  PDF report of Andromedan Ship and personal. 

Elena Kapulnick is an Andromedan contactee who was given information ahead of what was going to occur. Basically their was a stargate bringing in beneficial energies opening up in the Rockies that the Draco ship was going to shut down. 

Ray Kosulandich the joint person in the video is a multigenerational contactee with 24 different ET races. He provides drawings and descriptions of them and their ET ships.

THIS IS 1,000x MORE IMPORTANT THAN COREY GOODE’s FOCUS ON THE LESSOR INFORMATION.  Youtube Video link desribing the laser 2 pulses that destroyed the Draco ship with 3 escape pods that were captured and removed off planet. This is better than star wars (truth disguised as science fiction) and is – Truth is stranger than fiction. 

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Reptilian Ship Destroyed By Andromeda Council

Awakening Cosmic Reality Show

Awakening Cosmic Reality Show


Published on Dec 31, 2015 

On December 29, 2015 there was a reported earthquake that happened North of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, it registered as an 4.9 on the Richter scale. This was actually not an earthquake but an explosion blast created from a destroyed reptilian ship that was taken down by the Andromeda Council. 

The video clip and the presentation explains in detail why the Reptilian war ship was passing by Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and the reasons for it being taken out. 

Note: There was no tsunami from the hyper beam blast that destroyed the reptilian ship, this happened at night and it was done very fast in order to not cause any damage except for the reptilian ship that was targeted to be destroyed.

Andromedan Message THE FENCE IS DOWN Part 9 

Published on Mar 1, 2016

DRACO REPTILIAN WARSHIP DESTROYED by ANDROMEDA COUNCIL BIOSPHERE (29th Dec 2015) off the North Coast of Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA... causing a 4.9 EARTH QUAKE. Elena Kapulnik Star Traveler, multiple ET CONTACTEE / ABDUCTEE describes the event in vivid detail.

Questions which may be answered in these next 4 videos.
What do Star People look like?
Who are the Andromeda Council?
Will we survive Planet X?
Is the Queen of England a 7,000 year old Reptilian?
What is 4D Earth going to be like?
Are all Reptilian & Mantid Star People BAD?

Elena Kapulnik - Star Traveler... is a big piece of the ET / 4D puzzle. Discovering her videos, was like, finally finding 'THE POT OF GOLD AT THE END OF THE RAINBOW'.

Between Ray Kosulandich, Elena Kapulnik, Tolec, Sarah Rachel Adams & Simon Parkes, more pieces of the puzzle, more AHHAAaaa MOMENTS.

Inspiring Souls, who ARE AWAKENING... or who HAVE AWAKENED, now have enough LINKS TO YOU TUBE CHANNELS, WEBITES & VIDEO INFO, to keep them up-to date, for years to come...all the way to 'THE EARTH CHANGES', 'THE LANDINGS', 'THE TRANSITIONING TO 4D' & 'BEYOND'.

Am sure, there are many more contactees, incarnates, experiencers & alien abductees, who have very important information to share. But, with those listed above, plus Alex Collier, Tanaath & Sunfire... humanity now, has ACCESS TO MANY TRUTHS.

These last 4 videos in the series, like all of my videos, are a sample, an entrée... light arrows pointing to 'THOSE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH'.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND viewing the original interviews & videos which make up Andromedan Message THE FENCE IS DOWN - Parts 9, 10, 11 & 12.

Love Always
Rainbow Lightbeing
2nd March 2016











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