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She created the circle garden, let insects have 10%.

What to me is really far out, she would hold sand, or lime or what the garden needed in her hand and send the energies out to balance it. I don’t know why she doesn’t have an image on her website over head view like was published in the book Secrets of Soils Thompkins & Bird. 

I think that is fantastic people are doing this.

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American Nature Education

Years ago I read a wonderful book entitled “Behaving As If the God in
All Things Mattered”, by a lady named Machaelle Small Wright.
Machaelle grew up in the city and some years ago, her own interest in
Findhorn led her to work with Nature in her vegetable garden in rural
Virginia for several years.

Recently, I read Machaelle’s more recent book “Co-Creative Science”
published in 1997.
  I’ve been reading this book with great enthusiasm
the last few weeks.  I usually read when I retire for the night and
have been so excited about the amazing things I read Machaelle and
Nature have done working together.  I want to share some of these
things with you here:

Page 85, Co-Creative Science:  [Begin quote]
  “In February, while working with nature to plan the garden, I had an
insight (no doubt “planted” by my teachers) and wondered if it might
be good for the garden’s overall balance to include carrots.  At the
time, my garden soil tended toward clay – Virginia is famous for its
brilliant red clay.  During the previous years, I had worked on the
soil and made it acceptable to most vegetables, but I still couldn’t
get carrots to grow.  But this year, I decided it might be good to
include carrot energy and not to worry about harvesting the stubby
little roots.  I asked the Overlighting Deva of the Garden if we
should include carrots for the sake of the garden’s balance and got a

   Nature was so pleased that I had considered something for the sake
of balance rather than food demands that they decided to have a little
celebration and show their pleasure.  When I asked that the carrot
energy be grounded into  the seed I had just planted, the nature
spirits grounded it all right – in every row in the garden!  When I
opened my eyes and looked into the garden, therebefore me were
three-inch-high carrot plants sticking up everywhere.

  I looked at this for a few minutes and then said, ‘Joke.  Right,
fellas?  Just fooling around, heh?’  (I had heard about nature
intelligences and their practical jokes.)

   Not really wanting a garden of nothing but carrots, I decided I’d
call their bluff.  So I stretched my hands out and wih a lot of focus,
used my hands to ‘collect’ the carrot energy from all the rows into
the one row where the seeds were actually planted.  Then I said, ‘No.
No.  I meant the energy in this row only, thank you.’

  Instantaneously, the carrot plants in the one row became six inches
high – approximately ten minutes after planting the seed – and the
carrot plants in the other rows simply fell over and became part of
the mulch.”….[End Quote]

If you want more information, you may go to Machaelle Small Wright’s
website: .