Biodynamics Preps Steiners Homeopathic preparation made from common garden herbs, cow manure, quartz crystals and animal by products, these preparations help harmonise and focus the chemical and energetic processes active in the Earth's organic processes.

Haspel  “Ten years ago this was all sand, and now it has a foot of humus,” she says, gesturing to a grassy area near her greenhouse. “It normally takes 100 years to build one-inch of top soil.” Snips with links inserted 

I believe this is such powerful and beneficial information, I would like it spread as much as possible. Especially to top researchers who can incorporate some or all of these practices into what they are doing.

To me it seems obvious, those that incorporate and act on the super best information, will get the best results. And receive the most business. And help the most hopefully. The preps are very, very powerful,” says K.K. Haspel, who also credits them with protecting her tomatoes (and Amy Pink’s) from 2009’s late blight, which severely affected most of the East Coast’s crop. Haspel’s heirloom tomatoes and greens may throw chefs into superlatives, but Haspel is more impressed by what her growing techniques have done to the ground. “Ten years ago this was all sand, and now it has a foot of humus,” she says, gesturing to a grassy area near her greenhouse. “It normally takes 100 years to build one-inch of top soil.” 

No wonder people are paid by the corps to post against biodynamics as being on the fringe and definately not any studies done to confirm these practices. One site stated of about 30,000 studies done by the USDA, only 34 were done on organics. The one study done. 

Unfortunately she died of cancer at 63. Left message to confirm story at the above link. Steve Storch

Among the formal teachers of biodynamic techniques on the East End is Steve Storch, who produces and distributes biodynamic preps for his company Natural Science Organics in Water Mill. Storch also teaches at the Nature Lyceum, a school for environmental horticulture in Westhampton that holds a two-day training program in biodynamics for “Green Guerillas.” (K.K. Haspel and Amy Pink are graduates.) A Southampton College–educated marine biologist, Storch morphed into a biodynamic believer after he married Jo Halsey of the Green Thumb.

Steiner’s advice on agriculture was voluminous, with thoughts on everything from seed saving to hay making. His lectures contain prescient observations (too much chemical fertilizer can ruin soils), but also cryptic descriptions of nutrient and soil processes that leave much open to interpretation. He suggested crops might benefit from planting in conjunction with particular moon and celestial cycles. He wrote elaborate recipes for nine preparations made from ingredients like yarrow and thistle, cow’s horns and silica. These “preps,” when applied in ounces rather than tons, he suggested, will not only improve the quality of food, but also heal the earth’s soil.

“Biodynamics is a different way of thinking,” says Woltz, the Sag Harbor beekeeper, who credits biodynamic techniques with keeping her more than 100 hives on both forks healthy, “Steiner gave eight lectures on bees that prophesized what is occurring now,” she says, referring to bee die-offs around the country. “He said if we continue with our ‘modern’ methods of beekeeping, in 80 to 100 years, the bees are going to be in serious trouble—as in extinction.”


I phoned a market gardener mentioned in Secrets of Plants and Secrets of Soils. In his book, he wrote that he got more benefit from Steiner's preps than from wheel barrows of manure.

A person in Australia was using preps with other farmers to help 10,000s of acres. He wrote that it helped mellow hard adobe soil down 6 inches in a year or two. On a trip to Dakota, he told them if they had they soil they did, they would have considered themselves in heaven.

He wasn't as careful in preparation of the horns and was doing it on a more mass volume basis.


I believe that minerals, herbs, vortexing water and sounds will increase the potency of compost teas. Radionics machines &/or pendulums, muscle testing can futher check the scale of energy of Steiner's preps compost teas over conventional compost teas.

I believe that the bacteria grow on the minerals over the winter. Then sun light with photonic energies and infarad energies activate the bacteria that much further once spread on the land. Sunlight with it's various wavelengths can penetrate the ground activating the minerals and attached bacteria. 70 minerals in 190 combination, finely ground, 50? pound bags shipped UPS, Fed ex. 
Pictures showing benefit to plants and animals. Some humans use it also mixed with food at their own discretion.
I have some bags purchased bulk if people want to test smaller amounts. Certified organic. Sources of crystals in Ontario. Seems like it would be good to grind them down some how before spreading. A person can do a search for their location.


I believe the vortexing the water creates electrostatic charges in the water creating a much higher energy state than still water. This not only charges the water, it enhances the bacteria life forms.

In Secrets Soils/Plants, I believe it mentioned that an old farmer stirred healthy soil into a wood barrel back and forth while chanting/singing at the right pitches. That implies to me, that if manure is not readily available, the best soil a person has can be used to multiply the soil organisms. Masaru Emoto has pictures of various water samples under the microscope playing music etc. Deeper reading indicates he chooses which molecules to photograph under the microscope so I don't know how many molecules are changed in total.

I do know a glass of water held by a high energy person focused adds to the energies but dampen out over time. He can charge it with different energies like aspirin, essence oils, clear out chlorine using a EQ 11 radionics machine. He has increased the power of that radionics device using crystals, mirrors, pyramids etc.

One person suffering pain for 20 plus years from arthritis said she had that cleared out in a hour session. I haven't contacted her to verify the information. Patrick Flanagan 12 year genius of the Neurophone

Patrick Flanagan thus began a 30+ year investigation into Dr. Coanda's hypothesis that the Hunza water had a unique formulation. The now Dr. Flanagan(hon) and his wife Gael conducted an exhaustive set of experiments, using a wide variety of electronic and mechanical methods to attempt to duplicate the characteristics of the Hunza water.

All of these experiments failed until the Flanagans discovered that the Hunza water contained extraordinarily small, spherical minerals made from silica that possessed an unusually strong surface charge called "Zeta Potential".

He used votices that created up to 100,000 volts at the peak in the vortex as I remember. Tesla coils near by can be another option.

He has been hit with a number of lawsuits I believe to stop him.

Another person was selling charged water that people would receive a spark when they touched it. I haven't bought any yet. A skeptics view of this science. A good source to find out the different companies and check into them further. Like Steve Barret MD against radionics machines. Some people consider him a front for the head quacks blocking alternative medicine and selling toxic chemo and radiation. Storch's Machine for votex's.

  • composts: products by microbial and fungal processes as well as earthworm activity. This creates a premium compost with the most stable form of humus.
  • compost teas: derived from premium composts. Our teas produce the most diverse food for the soil and compost, as endorsed by the Soil Foodweb Inc. Laboratories.
  • compost systems: analyzing your composting needs on a case by case basis to produce the highest quality humus.
  • paramagnetic stone: gives plants additional forces of levity and rooting energy.
  • rock dust: loaded with a huge diversity of minerals that plants require for optimum health.
  • fish and seaweed emulsion: contains proteins and amino acids required for soil to feed plants for optimum health.

Australia is using tractor vortex machines. Secrets Plants/Soils mentioned electrical motor operated one set to alternate clock wise and counter clockwise.


Anastasia of Ringing Ceder Series of Russia considers well water dead water. And that river water is live water. In one of her books, the steps were to place the well water in a clay pot in the ground and let it become alive. I can't remember the exact details at this time.

With all the toxic chemicals being sprayed around in North America, I vote caution about when a person does it. I believe even farm well water is polluted and should be filtered as much as possible using charcoal filters as the first step. The Berkey is the best one I have found so far for the money. RO units can be searched out also. Charcoal filters should be replaced sooner than later so they don't overload and allow more chemicals to go through.

Anastasia mentions holding seeds in one's mouth to give them information on how they should grow to heal that person. Also walking in the soil with bare feet. 

So that implies a person's own energies like organisms from one's hands etc. can help increase the energy.

She also believes in sending energies to the stars and allowing them to send the energies back. 

Clive Backster with his eeg monitoring used plants to pick up signals from space.

Her domain vision coming into practice is helping Russia produce about 40% of it's food on about 3% of it's land. That sort of destroys the billion dollar lies that toxic farm chemistry is needed to feed the world. In fact the Green Revolution should be called the Death Revolution to soil and the people. I am so upset it took me so long to wake up and start doing something about it.

___________ Timothy Thrapp - scientist and engineer for WITTS Ministries - overunity energy devices describes in various talks polar people that of about one in one thousand people have very strong auric energies. When they come in contact with electronic or other electrical devices, those devices can build up in energies and burn out. This is why people buy plans and most can't get them to work. And of those that do, then they have control problems.

It could be that polar people like that really do well in growing plants and don't understand why. And those that try to replicate their success, don't have as much.

Timothy Thrapp might mention that sand in the sun is polar. Which goes along with Edgar Cacye in his healing intuitive sessions recommending people lie in the sand of Virginia Beach. The sand there also has some small amounts of gold in it. Best site so far on possible free energy devices along with wind, solar, geothermal, magnetic, etc. I have found so far.


I would like to see people growing enough very high energy quality mineralized food that there is no need to buy toxic low brix food in the store.