Live or Die?

What does that mean to you?

What are the energy flows involved?

What are the questions?

What are the answers?


What is most important to you?


Is the power in the present?
In the future?
In the past?
Where do you want to go or be?
What is in your past so you have ended up being here & now?

Did you know you are in the greatest game of your life - you?
And the rules are reality or not?
Or do you make up your own rules?


changes on going here as time, energy, thoughts and body permits

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I have spent hundreds of hours searching the internet and reading various subjects trying to find answers for the questions I have for myself.


I would love to be able to share some of the information I have found if it might help others?


I have spent so much time, money etc. suffered a lot of pain and I would like to help others save that if possible too?


For example I have spent over $20,000 over the years searching for health answers like a dull headache and chronic fatigue since 16. Since the start of February of 2015 by going as near to 100% organic, that is going away. The carrots I am eating are super organic carrots grown on soil fresh broke 2 years ago. The spirilina is bulk from www.nuts.com


The Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow Box grows enormous quantities of food without using electricity or soil. It requires no weeding and uses no pumps, motors or complex parts of any kind. It grows highly-nutritious, mineral-rich foods using about 1/20 the water of conventional agriculture and about half the space of soil gardening.


I am emf sensitive so am trying to get as much up as possible as soon as possible easier to try to help people so that is why there is mistakes and it isn’t perfect. Trying to be perfect is such a heavy burden. You are welcome to carry that if you want.



Please subscribe to www.beforeitsnews.com  upper right corner for what is really happening the elite don't want you to know. And the churches, ministers, teachers, politicians, government leaders read and know for themselves yet will not tell the peasant paying their tithes, wages, taxes etc. too them. 45 US government politicians have already taken their money out of the banks, 74 top level bankers killed from what they found out and in the secret war between the upper levels and lower levels and between the Roths and Rocks fractions.

I believe that the US especially is heading for a 1929 type crash with the difference that rather than a lack of money, the prices will not drop so fast or keep going up depending on which way the banksters such as the Roths decide to go to try to take the most for themselves.


Gold is for Kings? Such as the Roths who controlled 50% of the worlds wealth 1900 according to their biographer. The Golden Rule is who owns the gold, makes the rules.


Silver is for Nobles?     Debt is for Slaves?


Barter is for peasants? CASH IS GOING TO BE KING IN THE NEAR FUTURE FOR BARTER I BELIEVE FROM WHAT THE VERY TOP SOURCES ARE REVEALING and reading between what they are not telling people. People do not realize that printed US notes or printed Canadian Notes are such powerful barter tools. Recognizeable, easily divisible and commonly accepted. Those that have enough of them in circulation can play by their own MONOPOLY RULES rather than the Bankster MONOPOLY RULES. Bitcoin is such a digital intell operation scam. No one has claimed creating it. It tracks purchases and can disappear into thin air when ever some one decides behind the scenes. They got people focused on that while people should be focused on REAL MONEY ASSETS GOLD SILVER Better Ratio USED THROUGH Thousands of years and desired by ET's for making space ships etc.  War is for the Rich. Terrorism is for the Poor. Now the Roths and Rocks control both.


And buy up assets from those that foolishly trust the banks like those that did in the 1930’s, in Greece, in the South American countries 2001 etc.


Also using mostly cash allows a person to save paper work and book keeping. And to make better deals with local suppliers of trades etc. who then do not have to declare taxes to support the corrupt government ran by the Roths 80%? Rocks 15? mostly.


In Canada, over 2000 tax auditing accountants were laid off about a year ago. That saves 20M – 30M in wages each year plus their pensions in the future. So who now is going to go after the little guy? Before only about 2% of the returns got audited with most being the middle class as being the easiest to squeeze. The big corps have shifted their funds offshore etc. along with the wealthy setting up Foundation like Gates and a lot of the littler guys who use foundations in their websites. They pay 5% in taxes from I have been able to uncover.


The philanthropy is just the cover story to shift the tax burden more to the middle class who are working and super stressed. The poor little peasant is living in poverty and the banksters are living in unimagineable wealth with the corpsters very weaolthy..


Going cash saves that 5% if you do not have the money and time to figure it out like them.


Did you know in Pawns in the Game by Carr, he referenced a newspaper article during the civil war wherein the banksters had a choice between going further with slavery or wages. The group led from UK (ie Nathan Roth) were pushing for wages. That way they did not have the care and maintenance of the slave.


Do you want the truth from what I believe is happening so you can compare with what you see happening or do you want me to soft pedal stuff like so many others because for whatever reason – loosing clients, friends, support or whatever?


Well I am not interested in soft pedaling stuff unless it really isn’t something you can handle at this time with all the stresses you have. I can understand that. I am sorry for that.



Silver coins pre 1965 are the next best option for those that have more money and access to buying them.



http://www.prepperfortress.com/intelligence-insider-warns-of-catastrophic-collapse-the-tempo-of-events-is-faster-than-expected/ 3 snips First PREPARE NOW


Richards as ex director of operations for one of Federal reserve's Primary dealers and directed one of US's first financial war games.


Right now, we are on the precipice.  When you are on the precipice, it doesn’t mean you fall off immediately, but you are going to fall off because you can see the forces in play.  What I tell clients and investors is it’s not as if we are going to make some mistakes and some bad things are going to happen.  The mistakes have already been made.  The instability is already in the system.  

The answer is simple, according to Rickards. The historical assets of last resort will be your only safe haven. From a financial and wealth perspective that boils down to owning gold. From the standpoint of preparing for disaster and weathering the storm, the solution is physical assets that are solely in your possession with no counter-party risk and include long-term food storage, emergency supplies and productive trade skills.


I am looking for the best information I can find, condense it and then trying to spread it out open source.

The Illuminati's code is to tell people what they are planning ahead according to one source such as Lindsey Williams. Examples uncovered are a deck of cards showing the world trade centers falling, some clips in music &/or video's, etc. 

http://www.lindseywilliams.net/about/ For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet.

In one paragraph Richards above has also given so much powerful information as if the Illuminati is also telling the people what to do that I just sat there and said thank you, thank you Illuminati - at least this time you are telling people what they can do. That is really really nice of you. I am going to try to spread your message.


7 Million people starved to death in the 1930s depression not counting those that got sick and died prematurely.

Now most people are in cities with no skills, no access to growing land, etc. I am warning those who I can and am taking steps that I can. I am so fortunate living on an acreage in the country with a farming back ground.

Electronic digits in the bank are just that. Cash is the best barter tool. The SDA church treasurer felt led to exchange digits on the books to cash despite no board approval. The banks closed next weekend for a bankers holiday where they took over most of the little banks and a lot of people's money. The SDA church was enabled to support many missionaries overseas that they wouldn't have been otherwise.

I know of a free energy inventor who had money (ie electronic digits on the computer) stolen from Swiss, offshore and US bank accounts in 1998 about. His physical gold, silver and land stayed in his possession.

New Agers believe just think positive. No fear. And it will come to them.

Others believe think fear and prepare. Others try the middle ground.

For me, I have it figured out that this physical reality is where theory meets physical reality. Either the theory stands up or it crumples. And each person can try out their theory in this physical world. And see what happens?

I am trying to warn those with businesses, knowledge etc. that can do something so maybe they can help others like their family members. I do not know what those who loose jobs with no support are going to do?

Those are the ones I would like to try to get some information to for if nothing else they understand it wasn't their fault in unpositive thinking but in bankster manipulation of a debt created money monster system. Inevitably, it is a black hole damaging the whole earth with an example of corps cutting down more trees to supply building materials.

Trees are the lungs of the planet. The oxygen levels are already dropping.

It seems like with such super brains and computers, someone should be figuring out that profits on paper stocks isn't worth not being able to breath oxygen so oxygen bars are having to go up already in cities.

Another !B lie in accounting in colleges being taught. Balance sheets leaving out life.

THE TIMELINE IS THAT THE Shit Hits The Fan WILL BE BETWEEN THIS SEPTEMBER 1 to OCTOBER 31 according to Lindsey Williams and a New York Mayor and Financial Advisor for 25 years. Already countries other than Greece are going bankrupt so maybe massive immediate action is necessary now to plan, prepare and take action on?

http://www.lindseywilliams.net/ LIST OF HIS DVDs with brief notes on what he covers in each DVD.

1/4 way down - Pastor Lindsey Williams has confirmed that there will be be a worldwide economic and financial crash slated for 2015 after the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) is fully enacted. The act is not a healthcare bill but works hand in glove with the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001 (HR 3162) for total control of the USA and ultimately the world in one swift move. The word is control and their ultimate goal is to enslave the entire population of the planet. The plan is so ingenious and simple it’s incredible. This is not a theory, this is the truth and verified by the very highest echelons of the elite. The crash must happen, the economies of the world are already on a knife-edge one piece of bad news and it will come crashing down taking all the banks, investment banks and pension funds with it. Chaos will reign and out of the chaos order will come. It is taking place so the elite can come to the rescue and that will see the initiation of the new world government and the debasement of the US Dollar. The crash that is coming will make 2008 look like a minor financial correction. Imagine all companies, all businesses, all mortgages all owned by the elite. Its a very real threat and you only have a short window in order to protect yourself from it. This is why I have taken Pastor Lindsey Williams steps to avoid the crash as he shared in his new DVD “Elite Emergency Data” and expanded them into an extensive article to hopefully explain what is happening, why and how you can protect your family from it, even prosper from it…

I have outlined the 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash in several sections to make it easier to digest, please read it all and follow the steps as best you can:

Once you have carried out these 10 steps you will be better able to survive, even thrive through the coming collapse. Of course a lot of people’s situations do not permit them to carry out all the steps, just do as much as you can. Being prepared for the worst is the best protection. Please share the articles with as many people as you can, because everyone needs to know what has been planned for them by the elite.

Please do not take the article lightly and do not take it at face value. Please do your own research and if you have a differing opinion, please share it.

I have also created the entire 10 Steps To Avoid The Crash article into a 100 page illustrated PDF E-Book. Please download and share it freely.

http://www.lindseywilliams.net/10-steps-to-avoid-the-crash-ebook FREE 100page PDF FILE OF 10 STEPS DOWNLOAD



Lindsey Williams, an ordained Baptist minister went to Alaska in 1970 as a missionary. While in Alaska, Pastor Williams found out about the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which began construction on 29th April 1974. Because of Pastor Williams’ love for the USA and concern for the spiritual welfare of the over 25,000 workers on the pipeline, he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company.

Pastor Williams was given the northern 7 out of the 28 construction camps including the oil field at Prudhoe Bay to hold worship services at the 7 camps once a day. After six months a PR employee at Alyeska Pipeline Company told Pastor Lindsey Williams that he was an invaluable asset to the company. He said that Lindsey was saving the oil pipeline company thousands of dollars of counselling fees and had voted successfully to give Pastor Williams executive status if he wished to accept it. Executive status meant that Lindsey Williams could go anywhere he liked and see anything he wanted regarding the pipeline operation. They gave him a vehicle and an executive pass and he was also invited to sit in on board meetings in an advisory capacity in order to help the relationship between management and labour.

For three years Pastor Lindsey Williams had the opportunity to sit, live and rub shoulders with the most powerful, controlling and manipulative men on the face of this planet.

Pastor Lindsey Williams--"gold and silver cannot be suppressed any longer. I expect it to rise rapidly!"
Now is the time to convert your IRA or 401K into Gold, Silver and Other Precious Metals.


Lindsey Williams Online
Over 20 DVDs Detailing 40 Years
Exposing the Elite's Plan for Humanity
and this Planet



http://beforeitsnews.com/economy/2015/07/if-you-want-to-survive-the-economic-collapse-you-better-read-this-2742726.html?currentSplittedPage=0 DAVE HODGES 17 STEPS MORE DETAILED PREPARATION - YOUR HEALTH & STATE OF MIND IS VERY IMPORTANT ALONG WITH NETWORKING WITH SIMILAR MINDED INTEGRITY PEOPLE WITH VALUES.

US Gov 18T in debt, 240T unfunded debt, 200T credit card debt

$1.5 quadrillion dollar credit swap derivative debt that the bankers have managed to pass along to the people. The interest alone, on the derivatives debt, was $505 trillion dollars last year.



The husband loosing a job that is supporting a wife and 2 children. Real unemployment is likely double at least what the CDN government is reporting along with those that are working at minimum wage which is unemployed. Very convenient for the establishment. And the well off people reading the newspapers.


In the US it is likely close to 30 % if not more. In Greece it could be 50% unemployment.


I have read Donald Walsch. Not much real answers there. He is asking for donations to keep his operation going. 

I look at Christian churches. Most everyone there has there churches closed during the week looking for donations.

I look at the New Agers. Most don't want to think of any problems except focus on what is good for them is my cynical viewpoint. Also looking for donations even the most well off it seems. 

I look at the Moslems. They have so many troubles with the Christian Western Nations military invading their countries killing off and supporting the terrorist movements behind the scenes that it is no wonder they are upset with the Western Christian World.


I try talking to Christians about why they are sending their tax dollars to their government who is using their military to kill - murder people and make sure they get lower cost oil shipped back rather than paying fair prices. As you can imagine, I don't get too far on that so far.


I asked one little email group if it was ok for a Christian to kill someone else?
Is it ok for a community to hire a killer to do it?
Is it ok for them to pay their government to do it so as that some how they are then justified in thinking they are such good Christians?

And the Roths are behind those wars using them as Pawns in the Game? My memory been a little while?
Good thing I used an annymous email. I sure got some Jews responding fast back on that one protesting my ideas. Just confirmed my suspicions.  


I look at the governments. Causing more problems than they are solving. It is easier for them to jail (lot more costly for the taxpayer) people than to provide even free food and shelter. IMAGINE THAT? Why not just open the doors to the jails and save a whole lot of money?


Thinking about what some books (The Pleiedian Mission – A Time of Awareness by Randolph Winters) said about how ETs run their planets like the Pleiedians having 500M consistently with manufacturing moved off planet to keep the environment super clean and the oxygen high 30% this must be one of the most screwed up mismanaged planets in this sector.

A person has to try so hard with so many resources to do so much damage in such a short period of time.

On the evolutionary scale of intelligence, I was wondering where the earth worm was compared to me. Supposedly evolutionists would say I am a lot higher.


Max Gerson cancer therapy as a boy (about 1890) noticed earth worms moving off synthetically fertilized soil as fast as possible. Then I look at myself buying expensive gas going to town polluting the air using up oxygen, buying toxic store bought food because that is the best available in this small town and going back home. And eating it if you can imagine?


And scientists, PH.D's and so many other educated people are eating worse than that. And writing new manuals on how to lead the world into a new age.


So my cynical observation is the earth worm is higher in intelligence & actions than those experts above. I wonder how far I would get talking to them?


Then I look down and got 3 fingers pointing back at myself. Now what do I do about that?

I am feeling a lot better going to as near 100% organic as I can.

Am starting to post again on a freebie google site.

I can't believe the fun I am going to have trying my ideas on others to see if they can help make some wonderful positive changes hopefully.

When I have asked people when they have learned the most:
When it is easy times?
Or when it is hard times?
So far everyone has said the hard times?

What if the hard times can be made a whole easier if people wake up the Bankster Game and Play Their Own Game With Their Own Rules?

What do you think, feel and are ready to do about that?


http://armstrongeconomics.com/ Martin Armstrong built a super computer (Socrates) before the 80’s. He connected a number of computers in a string ahead of the government and private industry so good that it had AI and speech recognition when dragon speaking was just starting out as hardware. Framed with a 1B wire transfer and jailed for 7 years when he did not turn over the software and tecnology to the Roths. References wiped out in mass media so people don't find out about him. 
Consultant to various central banks. Advised one country days before their dollar collapse how to make money on it. Rome in their dollar collapse went from 1M population to 10,000. 

The US Empire is going to first suck up the wealth of the world then collapse just like Rome did as most of the debt in the world is denominated in US dollars. The Roths have legal guns already preparing bank bail ins from US, Canada, Euro, Australia even down to FDIC US bank insurance bail in back to the Bank of England (first Central Bank bought up and controlled by Nathan Roth -owners still secret on records).

http://armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong_economics_blog/ DOLLAR RISE SIMILAR TO 1929 CRASH - MORE ON THIS BLOG  Posted free. More detailed information than newsletters costings $1,000s

I believe the Roths monitor everybody from taxes, income, profits, news and publish in Reuters & Associated Press (bought up control back in 1890 -1900 about) what they want the world to know. They use super computers and experts to mislead everybody and do just the opposite what is expected and would be most beneficial for the world and people.

Agora Publications have various free newsletters promoting their products. a search through www.stockgumshoe.com gives more information plus and minus on their promotions. The insiders make money off of the public/peasants following their recommendations. I am amazed at how few top newsletters tell people who is really running the world, finances, etc. despite knowing themselves.