Alumni Outcomes and Testimonials

We love to keep in touch with our former Plant Health Fellows so that we can encourage them in their careers and recommend them to future employers. Here are some of the places our students have gone on to work after the program. 
Fellows have gained additional internships after the program: 

The US Forest Service
Novus Biologicals
Kula Bio
The California State Park Service
The CT State Tick Testing Lab
The UMass-Amherst Plant Diagnostic Clinic
NC State Univ. Entomology and Plant Pathology
Ohio State Univ. Plant Pathology
The CT State Tick Testing Lab
CAES Plant Pathology
The Shimadzu Core Laboratory (Ferris State)
The University of South Florida 
Tufts Biology
UConn Health
The University of Northern Florida

Fellows that graduated in 2018-2019 have entered postgraduate jobs or graduate school at: 

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories
Arbor Biotechnology
Joyn Bio
The US National Park Service
University of Alberta- School of Forestry
University of British Columbia - Department of Botany
University of Puerto Rico- Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
St. George's University Medical School