Mentors and Research Interests

Clockwise from top left: Drs. Rebecca Silady, Claire Rutledge, Lindsay Triplett with Quan Zeng, Robert Marra, Washington da Silva, Blaire Steven, Nubia Zuverza, and Wade Elmer. 

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Dr. Washington da Silva (CAES)Virologist studying the molecular biology and evolution of wine grape viruses

Dr. Lindsay Triplett (CAES): Microbiologist and molecular plant pathologist, studying how protists affect bacteria in the rhizosphere

Dr. Robert Marra (CAES): Mycologist and forest pathologist, studying population biology of wood-degrading forest fungi

Dr. Nubia Zuverza (CAES): Analytical chemist, studying the fate of agricultural nanoparticles in the environment 

Dr. Wade Elmer (CAES): Plant pathologist, studying effect of agricultural nanoparticles on crop diseases

Dr. Quan Zeng (CAES)Microbiologist and molecular plant pathologist, identifying biocontrol bacteria for fire blight disease of apple

Dr. Claire Rutledge (CAES): Entomologist, studying distribution and control of Emerald Ash Borer

Dr. Blaire Steven (CAES): Microbial ecologist, studying microbial agonists to plant pathogens 

Dr. Jeffrey Ward (CAES): Forest ecologist, studying the impact of management methods on long-term forest health