The Plant Biology Division (PBD) traces its roots to the birth of UP Los Baños. As the century unfolds the formerly known UPCA, the University has been home to botanists, agriculturists, herbalists, taxonomists, physiologists and systematists - a home to people with admiration to the plant sciences, the biology of plants.

One hundred years ago, in 1910, the Department of Agricultural Botany was established as one of the pioneer academic units of the College of Agriculture in a then newly sprouting University of the Philippines at Los Banos. This Agricultural Botany Department flourished under the aegis of the College of Agriculture up to the time when a new college devoted to pure sciences, arts and humanities was created in 1976 under the name of College of Sciences and Humanities (CSH). At this time, the adjective “agricultural” was removed to give way to a new title of Department of Botany. This resilient department, together with the Departments of Zoology and Life Sciences then became the nucleus of the now Institute of Biological Sciences (IBS). Through the succeeding years, the different units of IBS have been segregated to form additional laboratories and the Department of Botany was no exception. It evolved to become the EthnoMorphoSystematics and Plant Physiology Laboratories that lasted up to the mid-90's when the laboratories were finally merged into what is now known as the Plant Biology Division.

The Plant Biology Division is also the home of BS Biology students who major in Plant Biology or Systematics. Its academic staff is actively involved in the teaching of undergraduate general biology courses, graduate molecular biology and biotechnology courses, and general education courses.

 Botany in UPLB (1910-2010)
 History of the Plant Biology Division
                         100 Years of Botany in UP Los Baños 

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Celebrating 100 years of Botany in UP Los Baños