The science is complex, but imagine tiny messengers landing on a plant leaf in a light mist of water to hold urgent face-to-face meetings with the receptionists waiting on the plant's surface.

Their news is so important, the receptionists signal the plant's cells, then the whole plant sits up and takes note. It rapidly produces the essential oils needed to gets all its parts moving and swings into action. It marshals its defence forces, repairs breaches in the walls, and builds strength and vigour. If there's an attack, the plant is ready to go to war. If there's not, it is strongly motivated to become the best it can be




Agricultural Additive

Abstract --  The composition includes extracts from fast-growing plants (including seaweeds) mixed with phospholipids and a surfactant, presented at an acidic pH. It is sprayed on crop plants as a weak watery suspension to benefit plant growth and plant immunity/defense mechanisms indirectly. The level of natural defenses against pests and disease organisms is raised by included plant elicitors, effectors and stimulants. The ecological balance of soil bacteria is affected beneficially, contributing to the holistic effect. An arthropod knock-down effect is believed to be mediated through stimulation of commensal bacteria found on the epidermis of plants and of animals.

Nature's Curator triggers the plants immune system into action by stimulating the production of essential oils. These oils produce brighter, more fragrant flowers and grow tastier, more colourful, healthier fruit and vegetables. They also increase the plants capacity for healing, prepare it for attack from disease or pests and help it withstand environmental stress.

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Asia Downunder Episode 6, 2008

What makes Nature's Curator so different?

Nature's Curator is a blend of natural plant molecules extracted from various food products like coconut, aloe, kelp, palm oil, lecithin and soy beans. It is not a plant food or fertilizer, it activates the plants natural systems from the inside out. This extract has the proven ability to increase the growth and health of your garden.

When light mist of Nature's Curator lands on the cells of a plants leaf, they trigger the plants immune system into action. Plant's immune systems are a million times more receptive than our own and when the plant goes into "defence" mode, a flow of essential oils are produced. The oils produced include:

  • Anthocyacins: enhance the colour in flowers, fruit and vegetables and reduce cold damage
  • Aromatic oils: increase the bouquet in flowers
  • Flavonoids: increase the flavour in fruit and vegetables
  • Isoflavonoids: strengthen the plant's defence against pest and disease damage
  • Flavones: help the plant take up nutrients for increased growth
  • Lignin and Suberin: harden the plant cells so fruit and vegetables are crunchier
  • Coumestrol: helps the plant repair damaged cells.

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