Plant and Animal Cells with Mrs. Pallagi!

This unit covers the following Arizona Academic Standards:
Strand Four, Concept 1, P.O. 2, 3, & 4.
Describe the basic structure of a cell, including: cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus.
Desribe the function of each of the following parts: cell wall, cell membrane, nucleus.
Differentiate between plant and animal cells.
1.) View the following Prezi, as an introduction to cells in general, but also to a couple of differences between plant and animals cells:
2.) Review and print or save the following document to your laptop:
After you review the Prezi that was created and presented by Mrs. Pallagi in class, take about 30 minutes to watch the following three videos. One is on plant cells, one is on animal cells, and the last is a review in case you missed anything in your notes. The document above will be VERY helpful for note-taking while watching the video. The first page of the packet is for note taking, so just pay close attention to this page during the videos. On the first page, you will notice a column titled, "SYMBOL USED IN MODEL". For now, please ingore this column until later instruction.
3.) Videos
4.) Activities to Complete!
Venn Diagram
After watching the videos and filling out the first page of your packet, browse over page 2 and view the animal and plant cell diagrams. This will help give you a better visual aid for the rest of the assignment. After reviewing these images and the first page of notes, I want you to use the Venn Diagram on page 3 (similar to a double bubble thinking map) and find the similarities and differences between animal and plant cells. Please start by labeling one side "animal cells" and the other side "plant cells". Start by finding the similarities writing these in the middle, and then find the differences and write these in the right and left areas.
Writing Component/Assessment
Tell me what you know! Please review all of the materials (Prezi, videos, diagrams) and answer all of the questions on page 4. You must write complete sentences and science vocabulary.
5.) Review with a cool science dude!
Now, let's bring it home and review all of this cool stuff about cells by watching the following video. This will help you cement the information you have learned when developing you "Candy Cell" Model!

YouTube Video