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Email Signature Block Guide

As part of a nationwide effort to better brand and create public awareness of Civil Air Patrol, a required standard signature block for use when conducting official CAP business was added in January 2015 to CAPR 10-1. Branding is the image of the organization that comes to mind when people think of Civil Air Patrol. Our brand is shaped by letting people know who we are and what we do. Those messages must be consistent in order to be effective, which is why this first step in branding was taken as part of an overall branding strategy. The name "Civil Air Patrol" and the official CAP Logo (white triangle with red prop) are the branding marks of the entire organization, which means these must be used first and foremost before or with any other name, logo, patch, emblem, or marking. We are all members of Civil Air Patrol. Resources for creating this signature block are provided here:

Please read the descriptions carefully and make your best effort to comply with this first step to better brand our organization.

  • Cut and paste the signature block below directly into your email client signature section to automatically add this to each email message. If you have already done this, please verify the style to ensure that the size, colors, font, and text details are correct.

  • CAP ranks/grades should be abbreviated in official Air Force style with no periods. (See CAPR 35-5, paragraph 1-3

  • The assigned unit and duty assignment should be on one line and written out per CAPR 20-1 and/or eServices. (NOTE: Standardize unit name by always spelling out name; refer to CAPR 20-1 for assistance)

Follow these examples of duty titles:

Pacific Region Commander

New Mexico Wing Inspector General

Florida Wing Group 5 Cadet Programs Officer

South Oakland Cadet Squadron Aerospace Education Officer

If you have more than one duty assignment, add another line with the highest organizational level on top.

  • The phone numbers use a dot instead of a hyphen, and addition or removal of phone numbers is okay.

  • The CAP website goes directly under the “U.S. Air Force Auxiliary” text (note: use “U.S.” as the Air Force does)

  • A unit website may be added after the CAP website. (strongly recommend this be a wing or region website)

  • For the “Preferred Signature Block” below, the http:// and/or www are not used, and the hyperlink of the website should be verified and set to ensure that it is clickable. (One way to do this is copy the wing web address into Word and then delete the http, www and any other extraneous characters.  Then copy this smaller version into the signature block.  The full web address should still be embedded in the name)

  • The national social media icons may be used if hyperlinked. However, no additional social media icons/links are authorized. The icons may be deleted if appropriate due to email replies attaching them versus embedding them.

  • Please note that your unit’s social media icons should be at the top of your unit’s website to ensure ready visibility to visitors, and not in your signature block. Only the main unit web page will be used as a website destination.

  • No other disclaimer, official use (FOUO) reference, or motivational quote will be used unless required by law or operating under CAP Sensitive and Classified Mission Programs.

Preferred Signature Block

NOTE: Signature block uses Arial font size 12.

*** Cut and paste preferred signature block below ***

Maj John Doe, CAP

XYZ Wing Director of Operations

(H) 555.555.5555

(C) 555.555.5555

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

*** end ***

Plain Text Signature Block

We recognize that personally implementing this change in email communication may be a challenge for some members. Some CAP volunteers use "personal" email addresses, work emails, email apps on smartphones and tablets, and official CAP email systems, which make it hard to provide a single solution that fits everyone's individual needs. To meet the intent of the requirement, a plain text option is provided below.

The same rules apply as the preferred signature block with some variations. The words "Civil Air Patrol" and a comma will be added before “U.S. Air Force Auxiliary.” The websites should have http:// and/or www added before the URLs to be readable for certain email clients. You may bold your name if your system allows.

*** cut and paste or type plain text signature block below ***

Maj John Doe, CAP

XYZ Wing Director of Operations

(H) 555.555.5555

(C) 555.555.5555

Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

*** end ***

Mobile Signature Block

Certain mobile devices only allow you to manually type in a signature block. If that is the case, use your rank/grade, name, and official office symbol. If able, you may also type "Civil Air Patrol" on line two. Instructions for how to do this for Apple and Android devices are available at the bottom of this link.

*** type ***

Maj John Doe, XYWG/DO

Civil Air Patrol

*** end ***