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Current Commander-
Captain Philip E. Rains is the Squadron Commander of Civil Air Patrol’s Plano Mustangs Composite Squadron in Plano, TX. His primary duty is to lead the Mustang Squadron’s volunteer members in fulfilment of the organization’s three congressionally chartered missions: Emergency Services, Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education, as well as CAP’s steadily increasing role in America’s homeland security. Captain Rains took command of the Plano Mustangs Squadron in July 2013 after serving as the Squadron’s Emergency Services Officer.

In the mid-1980’s Captain Rains started his CAP career as a cadet when he joined the Black Sheep Composite Squadron in his hometown of Mesquite, Texas. The Black Sheep Squadron Commander at that time was LtCol Paul Salos. Captain Rains participated in many cadet activities and eventually was appointed Cadet Commander, a position he held for two years before leaving the squadron to attend college in 1989. During his time as a cadet Captain Rains obtained the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant, was a member of the Cadet Advisory Council, and participated in two actual Search and Rescue missions as an aircrew member. Captain Rains’ most valued accomplishment as a cadet was achieving his solo pilot (at age 16) and private pilot (at age 17) ratings with the help of his Commander and Flight Instructor, LtCol Paul Salos.
After leaving the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program Captain Rains completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. His professional career path led him into the semiconductor industry, where he has remained for the last 18 years while working in the North Dallas area.

Captain Rains re-joined Civil Air Patrol in 2006 as a senior member, signing-up with the Dallas Composite Squadron located at Love Field in Dallas, Texas. After moving to a North Dallas suburb Captain Rains transferred his membership to the Plano Mustangs Composite Squadron, then under the command of LtCol Jose Avila. Upon returning to Civil Air Patrol as a senior member Captain Rains became very involved in flight operations, obtaining his Instrument Pilot Rating and achieving multiple aircrew qualifications. Captain Rains most enjoyed performing Cadet Orientation Flights and participating as a safety pilot in Texas Wing’s Mountain Flying School held in Alpine, Texas. Currently, when not involved in Squadron Commander activities Captain Rains has been working on his Ground Team and Mission Base Emergency Services qualifications.

When not participating in CAP activities Captain Rains enjoys spending time as a hobby beekeeper. His beekeeping journey began several years ago when his son was awarded a scholarship by a local beekeeping club to start a beehive. Captain Rains decided to also start a hive of his own and immediately took to the hobby. Working together their apiary grew to 5 active beehives, producing about 100 pounds of honey a year, which they sell to pay for the beekeeping costs. Captain Rains’ son also participated in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program, achieving the rank of Cadet Chief Master Sargent before leaving for college.

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