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Become a Referee

Are you a PhD student, an early career academic, or a reflective practitioner?

If so, you could be an ideal referee!  Why not sign up to Planning Theory and Practice's referee database?  If we are sent a paper in your research area, we may well send it to you for review.  We are looking for your ideas on the paper's content, structure, and research quality.  For more information on becoming a good referee, see our refereeing section.

All of our refereeing is done on a 'double blind' system.  This is the highest standard of peer review, and means that you are sent the paper anonymously, and that the author receives your comments anonymously also.

To apply for refereeing work, please send your name, email address, and a brief description of your research interests to Kiera Chapman at k.chapman@sheffield.ac.uk.