Your Future - The Time is Now

Planning now can prepare for what is ahead 

This site is growing as a result of my own realization over the years of the need for planning.  It is my hope that you well benefit from learning quickly the things it took me considerably longer to learn and with some effort.  This is to the aim that your life will be more fruitful, happier and that you might achieve your goals with less suffering and disappointment.   It is also with the aim that you will set goals, specific achievable goals with a time-frame in mind that they might more likely become manifest - that you would put them on paper as that is more effective.

 This site hopes to benefit younger readers especially as they are more in need of planning and usually consider the importance of planning much less.  At least that has been my personal experience and I would like to make a small change to help even a few, a tenth of whom might pass on the favor where they saw the need.   A very short make-believe story here - or maybe it really happened, but that's not the point.  An older man found a child throwing starfishes that were washing up by the thousands on the beach after a storm and would dry out.  The man asked what the child was doing.  The child replied I'm saving starfishes.  The man retorted that it was futile and that the child couldn't possibly throw them all back into the water..that it didn't matter so that child might not carry on.  While tossing one into the water, to this the child politely replied, "It mattered for that one."

Gratitude for the people who have taught me, either consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.

This site is also for older people, such as myself, who are looking to find out where they can pick up from lost opportunities.  This site is especially for young families as they are in especially great need to get the plan out into the open and into motion.

You may find a wealth of ideas here to plan for your future.  I write to benefit you greatly and myself in a small and and also in a large way.. the satisfaction of knowing I have helped others.

I would not hasten to call myself an authoritative source.  I draw from personal experiences and concepts I am learning that I write.    My current age is near 40.  I worked as a customer service and support engineer for two providers of financial quotes and news.  I helped people get their accounts in order after they had lost fortunes in the stock or futures markets.  I sat in on courses for financial service agents.  At one time I held a life agent license in California (the kind that lets a person sell health and life products,) and I took some NASD license exams which, Swiss or French francly, I didn't do so great at, but passed.  My dad has PhD in Economics and taught me a thing or two (though really not much though he made an effort), not enough for me to write a dissertation, but enough to get me into and out of some trouble.  It is my hope that you might benefit from the lessons learned from that trouble.   My mom taught me about staying out of debt and paying off my credit card in full at the end of the month and the value of saving.   And both parents tried to teach me budgeting - but I just couldn't hear it.  I suppose that is the way it is sometimes with parents.  So I am trying to reinforce what they taught you.  I think it was my brother and the bishop of my church who began to get through to the part that just wouldn't or maybe I just really didn't know how to do well what they had advocated.

But I know something and if that something is what you need to know, then please freely use it.

 So please click a link on the right and learn something about some of the ways you can plan for your future.  

On the next page - overview of planning  I write about the first idea: dreaming and goal setting.


A list of points to consider

From dream:

  • Goal setting 
 To doing:
  • Insurance
    • Overview 
    • Health
    • Life
  • Savings
  • Emergency fund 
  • Food storage
  • Investing  
    • For retirement 
    • For education   
    • For a specific purpose