elcome to my "PlanetWaves133" site. Online since 2000 "PlanetWaves133" is all about UK, US, Soviet/Russian & World War II militaria, mostly planes. I have a great passion for planes and what I particularly like is updating the site with photos of planes as I come across them in the different places I visit, such as the Mitsubishi Zero I saw in the Yasukuni Military museum in Tokyo, Japan - a very thought-provoking experience - or an old Soviet era Flogger parked outside the old Soviet military base of Tomok near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, or again an SR71 in Duxford, England... PlanetWaves133 also a testimony to some exceptional people, all dead and gone, their faces appearing here and there throughout the site, with, as a bonus, a page dedicated to one of them -  my father  - and some of the planes he flew in during WWII.

I've 3 other websites as well, dedicated to some totally different and perhaps rather surprising subjects, have a look and decide for yourself:

      Albatross133. A more personal site about where I come from, where I am at the moment and where I'm going, there are several pages of photos about places I've gone back to or visited such as Shanghai, Kyrgyzstan or Tunisia, landmarks in my life and experiences I think worth sharing!

     Castle-Kaneloon. If the Planet Waves site is dedicated to Mars the Castle-Kaneloon site is dedicated to Tellus, Terra, Gaia ... in plain English "Mother Earth" and essentially concerns severe weather & geological phenomena.
      There are also some introspective pages about the state of the planet, thanks to some of mankind's actions, and the reactions of mother nature as she goes inexorably about her business, leaving humanity collectively scratching its head in bewilderment at each new cataclysm. There's also a page or 2 about my favourite bird, the Albatross.
 NB. If my Planet Waves site brings out the martial in me does this Castle Kaneloon site reflect the militant in me? Yes, it does but like a lot of people I choose to express my opinions on the subject in this way and, although I respect their commitment, I'm a long way from joining the Sea Shepherd.

     SilentWings133. Basically a website all about some of my tastes in pop art, books, rock music & graphics, some surprises there, plus a brief incursion into Hindu aestheticism. There is also a sizable section set aside to the works of JRR Tolkien.

...I've also a Blog. Originally intended to develop on things that spiced up my travels it's now more and more about the little, or not so little things that make the world go round... or not. Lastly. Click on the Blog or Twitter icons below to find out what's currently attracting my attention.

     Finally being want to write I've also written and published two books of essays of travels and places I've been to:

- Destination Bishkek

- Twelve adventures, one journey.

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