Planet Ski International 2021

Welcome to Planet Ski International Summer Mogul Camps!

Planet Ski International started more than 19 years ago when several existing full time programs got together to combine their strengths and take advantage of their economies of scale to create the absolute best in summer training for athletes who are serious about their athletic progress. 

Is Planet Ski International a fun camp? - You bet it is - but it is also 100% focused on making athletes into the best competitors they can be. Our mission is to create the best training experience possible for athletes who are striving to improve.

We start with our prices -  if you’ve shopped around you know that we charge much less than the big name highly advertised camps on the glacier. Our goal is to provide the best training camp for the athletes at a fair price. It just doesn’t work if up and coming skiers can’t afford to get the training they need and making sure they get that training is our priority. Our website is ok, but we don't waste thousands of dollars on it - and we don't waste thousands on full page glossy ads in expensive magazines! Who do you think ultimately pays for that? 95% of our athletes come to us from word of mouth and our reputation in the ski industry. We are the real pros when it comes to coaching. We are in the business because we love it and we are committed to the athletes - not because we want to be rich.

Next is our choice of coaches - big name pros are great to watch on videos or TV, but unless they are also great coaches they aren’t much help to young athletes. Some camps sell "magic dust" - meaning hang around some pros and they will throw magic dust on you and make you good. We’ve been around this game for a long time and can tell you there is no such thing as magic dust. We know that being a great coach requires knowledge of the sport, the ability to teach, lots of experience and that athlete centered attitude that puts it all together. We choose our professional coaches based on those factors, and the big name pros we do have working with us share those qualities as well. Our coaches have already put at least 4 athletes in the Winter X-Games, another 9 onto the U.S. Ski Team and 1 in the Olympics. These are athletes the coaches worked with and developed over the course of years (we are not going to claim athletes in the X Games who worked with us for just 2 weeks of camp like some others might do). The point is that our staff is made up of real coaches (not dilettantes) - professional, experienced and unmatched - anywhere!

Finally, the training environment. That means everything from our terrain on the glacier to our accommodations in the village. Our Whistler mogul lane is hands down, the best on the glacier, carefully prepared with lines and jumps for both top level athletes and young skiers at their first training camp. We simply offer the very best in summer training courses anywhere for developing athletes right up to the next Olympic Champion.