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Outfit Barracks

Give outfits more permanency and pride in their accomplishments. 

Outfit Barracks would be bases created by outfits located in Sanctuary. They would be purchased with outfit points that they outfit amasses through combat. To keep a barracks the outfit would have to pay outfit points as rent each week, to stop outfits from having a barracks when they are only small scale or died off. They would provide outfits with a location for various purposes:
  • training
  • meeting
  • displaying trophies and records
  • storage of enemy weapons and vehicles
  • recruitment
  • defence of the sanctuary in the event of a strike

Outfit Barracks would initially start as a simple hall with a control console through which outfit leaders could access outfit command controls. In the event of a sanctuary strike enemy forces could use the console to capture the barracks.

Outfit barracks would start with:

  • Meeting and Trophy Hall
  • Officers Meeting Room
  • Control Console
  • Equipment terminals
  • Lockers
  • Spawn Room
  • Generator

They could be upgraded with:

  • Ground vehicle bays
  • Air Vehicle pads
  • BFR Bays
  • Galaxy Pads
  • Secondary Spawn Room
  • Secondary Generator
  • Defensive Towers
  • Defensive Bunkers
  • Infantry VR Training Facility
  • Vehicle VR Training Facility
  • Vehicle Storage Facility
  • Space Elevator (immediate HART access)
  • Recruitment Terminal
  • Squad training arena (essentially an arena for squads to play and train against each other).

Outfit Members would by default spawn in their outfit barracks when returning to Sanctuary.