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Infantry Weapon Overhaul

There have been only a handful of infantry weapons added to the game since release, and in preparation for the vehicle hard point system in Phase 3 we can add many infantry weapons from vehicles.  There are also gaps in the weapon scheme for infantry particularly the lack of machine guns allowing troops to suppress enemies and thereby hinder their movement, allowing friendly troops to flank and destroy them.  There is also a complete lack of infantry AA available from AMS terminals (the Flaklet simply does not count in its current state).  There are also far too many common pool weapons; empire specific ones are needed for all types to add more flavour to the battlefield.  This also ties into the Infantry Armour Overhaul, as the new Agile suits will need various 3x6 weapons to compete, particularly for Anti Vehicle work.  This is also necessary due to the imbalances that are in the game, particularly around the Heavy Assault certification whose weapons are radically different from one another; the JH being useless outside of 10m while the MCG can be used even at 50m.

This is also dependant on weapons being removed from vehicles and given to infantry in the case of smaller vehicle weapons.  Because of this some of these weapons would be missing until Phase 3 when the new weapons are made or the vehicle weapons are converted to infantry use; the Machine Gun certification would be missing for example until Phase 3 so that the MCG, Lasher and Jackhammer would have to stay in the existing Heavy Assault certification until it was made with a cost of 4 points.

Below you can see the various certifications (some new) that the weapons will be arranged into, including new groupings of certifications which give a slight discount for a player who wants to focus on a particular role.

You will notice numbers after the different weapons, these represent the size of the holster needed to use that particular weapon, which are:

Pistols 3x3
Carbines 3x6
Battle and sniper rifles and support weapons 3x9 (light vehicle hard point)
Large infantry weapons 6x9 (MAX units only, medium vehicle hard points)

 Standard (Free)
  • Small Arms
    • CP: AMP (3x3)
    • TR: Repeater (3x3), Stinger (3x3)
    • NC: Mag Scatter (3x3), Spear (3x3)
    • VS: Beamer (3x3), Eraser (3x3)
  • Assault Rifles
    • CP: Punisher (3x6)
    • TR: Cycler (3x6)
    • NC: Gauss (3x6)
    • VS: Pulsar (3x6)
  • Fragmentation Grenade

Close Quarters (5 points for all)

  • SMGs (2 points)
    • CP: Suppressor (3x6)
    • TR:

Clip Size: 35
Range: 150m
Base Damage: 16
Fire Rate: High (slightly higher than other SMGs)

    • NC: 
      Clip Size: 30
      Range: 150m
      Base Damage: 18
      Fire Rate: High

    • VS:Clip Size: 30
    • Range: 150m
    • Base Damage: 17
      Fire Rate: High
      Special: Switch between standard and armour piercing rounds instantly. 

  • Shotguns (2 points)
    • CP: Sweeper (3x6) (shortened)
    • TR: New rapid fire shotgun
    • NC: Jackhammer (3x9), Scatter cannon (6x9)
    • VS: Lasher (3x9) (altered)
  • Flamethrowers (2 points)
    • CP: Dragon (3x9)
    • TR:
    • NC:
    • VS:

Support (5 points for all)

  • Machine Guns (3 points)
    • CP: 12mm Rotary Machine gun (3x9), 20mm Cannon (3x9), 25mm Machine Gun (3x9), 35mm cannon (6x9) (too many guns, merge 20/25mm?)
    • TR: 15mm Rotary Chain gun (3x9) (MCG and Rotary Chain Gun merged)
    • NC: Anti Tank Machine-gun (3x9)
    • VS: Quasar(3x9), Flux Cannon(3x9), PPA(6x9) (all very similar weapons, perhaps scrap the Flux Cannon?)
  • Grenade Launchers (3 points)
    • CP: Thumper (3x6), Rocklet Rifle (altered to 3x9), Scorpion (3x9)
    • TR: 
    • NC: New slowly firing, high damage launcher
    • VS: Flux Pod Launcher (3x9)
  • Plasma Grenade

Ranged Support (6 points for all)

  • Sniper (3 points)
    • CP: Scout Rifle (3x6) (shortened), Bolt Driver (3x9)
    • TR:
    • NC: 
    • VS: Continuous Laser (3x9) (made near invisible)
  • Battle Rifles (2 Points)
    • CP: (3x9)
    • TR: (3x9)
    • NC: (3x9)
    • VS: (3x9)
  • Mortar (2 points)
    • CP: (3x9) 
    • TR: Pounder Mortar Launcher (3x9) (removed from common pool Galaxy Gunship)
    • NC:
    • VS:

Anti Vehicle (5 points for all)

  • Anti Armour (3 points)
    • CP: Hellfire Rocket Launcher (3x6), Decimator (3x9)
    • TR: Striker (3x9)
    • NC: Phoenix (3x9), Falcon (6x9)
    • VS: Lancer (3x9), Comet (6x9)
  • Tankbuster Grenade (magnetic, less damage than a Boomer)
  • Anti Air (3 points)
    • CP: Flaklet Rifle (3x6), AA Missile Launcher (3x9) (previously on wasp)
    • TR: Burster Flak Cannon (3x9) (removed from Skyguard)

    • NC: Sparrow (6x9)

    • VS: Starfire (6x9) (Called the "Fission" in PS2)

NTU Siphon (3x9) (everyone)
Armour Siphon (3x9) (engineering)

I have adjusted many weapons to make them fit into this new scheme, and many of them would require changes to make them work in that size class.

Existing MA rifles would be stretched to fill a 3x9 slot, and upgraded so that their damage degradation is lower.

SMGs would be very effective at short range able to deliver a large amount of damage very quickly. However they would be inaccurate at mid to long range as the current MA rifles are.

Machine Guns and Mortars must be deployed to fire which takes a few seconds and locks the player in that position unless they drop the weapon or undeploy it.
Previous vehicle weapons would mostly have smaller clip sizes when carried by infantry, forcing them to reload much more often than if they were vehicle mounted.

Ignore the names of the graphics for the AA weapons, not got around to changing them after I designed them years ago.

Phase 3

New Weapons

You will notice that there are gaps in various sections, either totally missing empire specific weapons for all, or one type of weapon missing for one or two empires. Currently this gives the empires different specialities and play styles, however these could be filled with new weapons in these particular places:
  • Empire specific sub machine guns (3x6)
  • Mortars (3x9)
  • TR Shotgun (3x9)
  • Empire specific Flamethrowers (3x9)
  • NC Grenade Launcher (3x9)
  • TR/NC Sniper rifles (3x9)