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Planetside 2

Planetside 2 has shipped with various features organised into the games 3 year post release plan (first mentioned here).  John Smedley has stated that this will be communicated to the players in 6 month sections to allow the players to comment and influence the games development as it happens (presumably to avoid the originals lackluster Core Combat and Aftershock expansions).  The first of these Roadmap developments has been posted and can be found here.

This site I intend on using to detail my thoughts on how else the game could be developed, adapting the systems on this site to suit the new game and coming up with brand new concepts.

Some of the features that are rumoured to be on the developers 5 year plan are:
  • Sandbox style play on new continents that are more open, allowing the players to build their own outposts and perhaps even facilities.
  • More continents similar to the existing ones although likely with different themes such as Hossin (swamp, rainforest), Searhus (volcanic, geysers, caves), etc.
  • Mission system.
  • ES Buggies (the old Marauderer, Enforcer and Thresher).
    • Marauderer (TR) or maybe the Enforcer (NC):

    • Thresher (VS):
  • Space combat.
  • Moving between continents via the sea complete with water vehicles.
  • Outfit cruisers - Smedley has tweeted a concept of a large hovering cruiser, may be outfit related or maybe not.  This may act as spawn points for both infantry and even vehicles.  I am predicting that these will only be available from the warp gate although the large roof of the tech plant may be large enough to spawn them if it has a terminal added.  Here is the pic:  
  • Harvestable resources - imagine SC II style resource harvesting with physical vehicles doing the mining or the harvesting.
  • NPC enemies - "I don't want to call this PVE. That's not exactly what we have in mind. More like a global invasion that goes after everybody. This isn't a bunch of quest givers saying "go kill 10 rats" - this is bad ass aliens that want to gut you." - John Smedley
  • NPC armies - "imagine as the commander of a base sending an NPC army towards another base MOBA style except it's in the middle of the Planetside 2. This isn't another game mode. It's all part of the same game." - John Smedley
  • Weather.
I would also like to see:

General changes
  • Map indicator of general friendly presence (eg Friendly squad/squads, platoon/platoons) as there is for enemies.
  • More granular indicator of force size - currently we have 1-12, 12-24, 25-48, 48+.  I would like to see the higher levels broken into 25-36, 37-48, 48-96, 96+
  • Territory capture playback on the map showing you how battle lines have shifted over the past 30 minutes or so.
  • Certifications should be unlocked across all classes.  Eg C4 - I should not have to unlock two bricks on every class, I should unlock the two once and be done with it.
  • Auto resupply should be expanded to make it keep it at the level it is at - I do not want it to drop to 0 and then resupply, it should keep me stocked up for when I need it.
  • SMGs.
  • Zoomable mini map
  • Remove the death statistic and Kill/Death statistic. This will help to discourage kill whoring. Score/minute has been emphasised with K/D moved to a separate page. 
  • SOEmote added along with the option to take off helmets, allowing players to look and talk to one another.  Couple with the ability to use your head to look around without changing the weapons focus, replicating TrackIR functionality.
  • Original PS weapons and vehicles added, where existing items take their space referred to as "Mark 1" equipment. 
  • Original PS voice command system replaces current one - VSAM!
  • Instant action timer increased from 15 minutes to an hour to hinder outfits using it as a movement tool. - Changed to 5 minutes, but cannot pick drop location.
  • Remove instant action options from territories where you empire has no adjoining territory. Both stops players from dropping in on fights between two enemies, and adds another bonus for cutting off a territory. - Changed so you can not pick your drop location.
  • Players are only able to respawn at the territory they are in, adjacent territories (on the lattice) and the warp gate, to stop players using it to jump far across the continent.
  • When switching characters there is a 2 hour wait - designed to stop players from switching to the winning side in fights.  Does harm the ability to have multiple characters earning passive certs, but to stop the fourth empire scum I feel it is worth it.
  • Colour blind friendly map.
  • Command system enhancement
  • Drop pod certifications
  • Outfits system enhancement
  • General Terrain changes
  • Indar overhaul (designed by Joups)
  • Fortifications
  • Lattice system
  • Continental Lattice
  • Resource system
  • Class updates
  • Vehicle updates
  • Cosmetic additions
  • Events and rewards
  • Home continents added, based on the original games sanctuaries.  These continents can be fought over and are highly representative of their faction with buildings fitting their ethos and background.  They would have large proportions of them as urban areas where the humans would have lived.
    • TR: The planets main space dock, complete with landed transport ships and cruisers.  A kilometer long command ship would be the central focus.
    • NC: Mining facility complete with massive drilling machines and underground bases, representing their guerrilla warfare style. 
    • VS: Massive research site with ancient Vanu artifacts, with one main ancient Vanu temple at the center.