Updates are being worked on for the Vehicles, Infantry, Squad Leading, and Platoon Leading.

Been ages since we updated this site, but what we have done is boiled down the guide to the bare essentials, which you can find here.

Updated the medals for aircraft following discussion within the outfit.

Made another video, again with the help of Psychobilly and with Charmed also.

This one details movement in PS2.

With the help of Psychobilly, made a short video for section 8. Leadership on fighting at outposts.

Put together a video for the 1.1 Skill and Aiming section.

Finished off the vehicle guides, just need to add some screenshots of the different vehicles for the pages, as well as get some comparison weapon stats up.

Added quick guides for the Flash, Harasser and Magrider. Almost finished the Lightning guide.

Added details of our ground and air vehicle medals.

Added images to the 2.2 Class Awards page and added details of our special Phalanx and Specter Medals.  Details of our Ground and Air vehicle medals should be decided on soon.

Added a flow chat to help air squad leaders decide how to replenish aircraft and keep the whole squad int he air.  Made by one of our officers, Novum.

Added a section about the outfit to help our officers manage it.  Also added 2.2 Class Awards page.

Added a comparison of the PDW SMG and the VX6-7 carbine to the Light Assault guide.

Added a few more bits and pieces to the leadership and movement sections.

Finished off overhauling the leadership section updating each page.  Updated the LA guide after getting Auraxium on another couple of guns.

Updated the general leadership section and the Squad Leading section.

And updated the T-Junction and Hallway graphics in the battle drills section for fire teams.  Also updated the Movement section with new graphics.

Added images to the battle drills section to display clearing corners, doorways and T-Junctions as an individual.

Also updated the existing flanking images.

Updated penetration breach graphics:

Updated hook breach graphics:

Updating formation graphics with fields of vision.

Updated the formations page with better graphics:

JacquelynHeat updated the Medic guide with some new load outs based around her extended experience.

Added comparison images for all the weapons mentioned in the guides, along with their certification and station cash costs.

Added a Pistol and Shotgun section to 2.1.

Added an Infiltrator guide written by TheDentist.  Playing with the format of the guides to make it more accessible and not just one but wall of text.  See the Light Assault guide for the version I like best.

Edit: And I reformatted all the infantry guides...

Added a few things to the Battle Drills section.

Added prices of all weapons mentioned in the guides.

Posted a Scythe guide written as a group effort by Medi, Lighthorse, SKYHEX and TheDentist.

Going through each and every page to standardize the formatting.  Also added '1.1 Skill and Aiming' written by TheDentist.

Added HA, Engy, Medic, LA and MAX guide under Organisation each written by a different member of our outfit.  My outfit is stepping things up a notch or 5, and we are overhauling this site to be a cornerstone of the process.

Added a page on Teamspeak Discipline written by Footjam one of our leaders, linked in the Communications page.

Added the start of guides to fighting at the 3 facility types, including strategic points, other features and Sunderer/Beacon placement.

Removed battlefield features - the hex system is being removed and there is no need to have the details unless we can see where the enemy is in more detail than the rush lanes we will be getting. Strategy is being removed from the game to some degree, however it should ultimately make the fights larger and more fun.

Organising my outfit to make some images and videos for the site.

Updated the front page, Overview, Organisation and communications pages. Also moved close quarter battle from Infantry to the Battle Drills page and the Armour and Air sections to a consolidated Combined arms page.

So the game released 4 months ago and I haven't updated this site in a while! Been very busy with work and any spare time I've been in game taking the fight to the Smurphs and Elmos. My outfit has done fantastically well, establishing a new core of leadership and recruiting hundreds into the fold. Now we are looking at developing our tactics to make us more effective, and this site will act as a hub for information for both new and old members alike.

Updated the Communications section with one of our members, SilverB1rd's suggestion for Tactical Communications.

Removed the enemy intelligence page and placed some of the information into the Battle Drills page - also adding some details to the counter sniper, aircraft and armour sections.

Azekiel, another vet of the outfit has proof read the whole site - tweaking things here and there to make the text flow more smoothly. He's also made a few comments that I have added in a similar style to Drifter's field notes.

Added a whole bunch of 'Drifter's field notes' to almost every section, written by a veteran Vindicator. These notes add character to the pages as well as explaining things in a more amusing manner.

Found this website http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/ which is a fantastic resource, a tactics guide designed for ArmA 2 specifically - a lot of it is near identical to what I have already worked on here!

Been discussing this site with my outfit members and we want to streamline it, and theme it to be a TR training manual that has been adapted by the VS to train their troops as the war breaks out.

Strategy page updated with a few images of the Techplant, Biolab and Watchtower. From these pictures various details can be seen which I have noted.

Added the Tactical task and purpose page following discussion with DarkAce, my old second in command and real life Armoured Platoon Leader. Also added resource details to the Strategy page following the discussion my Vindicators had with Matt Higby at PAX East. Details added to territory capture mechanics in the same section, following analysis on the PSU forums by Malorn, now of the TR Enclave outfit.

Added a few pictures around the site.

Focus on the resource section of the map:

Sorted out the map of Indar from the GDC video, will use it for tactical discussion on the PSU forums.

Added a Recon page to the tactics section.

Added The Platoon page for an overview of the structure of an organised platoon.

Strategy section updated with Objectives.

Updated the Offence page, Strategy section with images for urban assault techniques.

Updated a few parts of the site, adding sections primarily to Strategy/Offence detailing urban operations and regarding salient/re-entrants and pockets to Strategy.

Updated the site with various quotes from historical figures, as I feel it adds something to the site! Also adjusted some text here and there.

Been a while since I updated this site, but new information is coming in a steady stream via twitter, facebook, Planetside Universe and the official PS2 website. Lots of details are available for the tactical player to consider; aircraft can fly inverted, Light Assault class has jump jets, VS MAX no longer has jump jets, only dedicated Medic and Engineer classes will be able to use their tools, infiltrators can equip sniper rifles, etc.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding further sub sections to the site for individual classes tactics and I am considering adapting the website to be more VS orientated and themed. Today I have added some of the new VS screen shots from around the web to make the pages more interesting.


Really interested to see how tactics and strategy changes with PS2 with the lattice system replaced with a hexagonal grid, with not only facilities and towers as the focus, but every inch of terrain you can stand on and the resources or fortifications they contain. This will mean that no longer will we have a mass of players mindlessly pushing toward the next base, but battle lines forming and shifting to and fro as commanders strategies act out.

To aid these commanders PS2 will have a mission system where they can issue orders to troops allowing them to direct assaults and defences across the battlefield.Today I have added a few things here and there on this site on almost every page including details on ambushes, interior lines, peel retreats and the fundamentals of strategy.


Well, its been a busy 24 hours.

The SOE Fan Faire has brought with it the official announcement and reveal of PS2 and most of my concerns have been set aside by the information released so far. Plus we have a trailer and website now.

Initially I was concerned about levelling, but it seems to be designed to make it less important to be fighting with the experience rewarding zerg fights; even holding a base hack with zero opposition would still be beneficial. It also allows players and even outfits to specialise in set roles with the skill trees within each class (another thing I was initially worried about) much like the merit unlock system I suggested on my PS Upgrade Project site.

The loss of Sanctuaries was again a worry; but its simply an extra loading screen; and therefore wasted time. If these unconquerable protected bases work it should be a lot better.

One character per server is a great change; no more fourth empire traitors switching sides when a faction starts to lose territory.

I am very interested in seeing how the resource/territory control system works, and what benefits they will bring.

Oh and a jetpack class? Sounds familiar to my Agile change; love it.

And ironsights? Perfect.

Lower TTK and Battlefield style vehicle handling; my main wishes fulfilled.

My main concern now is that its release will be years away, with no mention of release dates or even beta signups; we could be looking at 2012 at the earliest.

PSU got their hands on the Reaver.

And it appears to be a two seater... perhaps they are moving away from the concept of one-man-kill-everything vehicles?

And today Smedley posted the Galaxy; so all the relevant tactics for hot dropping into combat zones will be present.

Added Crossing open ground tactics on the General page. Also added Dense Terrain tactics in the Vehicles section, and detail to the Roles in the Vehicles and Aircraft section.

As you are no doubt aware, this image was twittered by Smedley today:

It is obviously an NC Vanguard. But what does this mean? At the very least we can presume that the old vehicles are going to be mostly present, and if they are perhaps the old weapons will be as well.

Added tactics and images for hallway and T intersection infantry movement.

Added basic formation diagrams to the Infantry and Vehicles sections.

Added diagrams of door breaching to the Infantry page.

Added diagrams of Bounding and Travelling Overwatch as well as the Find, Fix, Flank and Finish technique to the General section.

Website created using tactical document I had been making in preparation for the possible release of the sequel to Planetside in March this year.

This website has been constructed for Planetside 2 so that my outfit - The Vindicators, can use these guides and tactics to give us the edge on the battlefield.

For new members of the outfit I suggest you work your way through this site, starting with the foreword.

Officers and potential officers should also read the Leadership section as it details both squad and platoon leadership.

Founder and Patriarch of The Vindicators

To do list:

  • Make images and videos for all sections
  • Move site over to thevindicators.com
  • Add images for squad deploy and redeploy.
  • Recruitment guidelines on the outfit page.