Amazon AWS

In the Data Science Toolkit, at, it says the following

"For Amazon, find the AMI with the id ami-49dc4820."

What does this mean in plain English?

This means you need to sign up to Amazon's AWS, see here: If you've ever shopped on Amazon, then you can use the same account username and password to login. Once you've done that, do the following to find the ami-49dc4820 instance. (As of March 2013).

1) On, in the top right, click on 'My Account/Console' and select 'AWS Management Console. You maybe asked to sign in.

2) Under 'Compute & Networking', click on EC2. You will end up the EC2 Dashboard.

3) On the left menu, under 'Images', click on 'AMI'.

4) Near the top, is a bar with two drop down boxes and a search box. This bar is labelled 'Viewing:'. Change the first dropdown box from 'Owned by me' to 'All images'.

5) In the search box, type in ami-49dc4820 and wait a while :-)

6) When you see the result appear (should just be one), tick the box in the first column, and press the 'Launch' button at the top.

7) Leave everything as default, press Continue, and then Continue again, again and one more time (that's 4 times), until you get to 'Create Key Pair'.

8) Type in a name for a keypair, then click
Create & Download your Key Pair. Save the downloaded file and remember where you put it.

9) Press Continue. You should be on the Review section now. Have one last glance at your instance.

10) Then Launch! Then wait a few minutes.

11) Go back to the EC2 Dashboard, under Instances. You'll see the instance
ami-49dc4820 is 'Running'.

12) If you tick the box for
ami-49dc4820, at the top click on 'Actions' and then 'Connect'. Then follow the instructions.

13) Good Luck!