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Planetbase Cheats Table Includes:

  • Maximum Stats.
  • Maximum Wind.
  • Daytime Changer.
  • Wind Changer.
  • Force of Winder Modifier.
  • Unlimited Trade.
  • Freeze time
  • Set Minimum and Maximum Trader Requirements (MinTraderReqs + MinConstrReqs )

How to Use Max Stats Cheats for PlanetBase:

The Key to activate the cheat script is "CAPS LOCK". By pressing this key you maximize statistics of any object that you have selected or performances as Health, Integrity etc.
Also if you select a bot it will repair it and maximize it stats.
You can use this cheat for partially damaged structures to fully restore them by increasing speed of repairing.

How to get Unlimited Trade Option:

This can be activated only after you trade any item. It is not necessary to trade something, just put them for trade, and go activate the cheat. Only resources are affected by this cheat.

How to Work With PlanetBase Cheats Table File for Cheat Engine?

As you can see this file it is only a table of cheats, which have been created by Cheat Engine. So Cheat Engine it is required to be installed for this file to be used. Please process to download any suitable version of CE for your system HERE.

1. Open Cheat Engine 
2. Also open the PlanetBase Game
3. Press ALT+TAB or WindowsKey + D so you can see CE Window.
4. Click the "Select a process to open" and open .exe file of PlanetBase.
5. Click the next icon "Open a cheat table or unprotected cetrainer" (or press CTRL +O ).
6. Select the file you have downloaded earlier.
7. Under memory view tab, select cheats from table.
Go back to the game and check if cheats are working.

About the Game:

Planet base it is a space simulation game, where you lead a group of space workers in a way to establish your base on a planet on different solar system.
If you still don't own the game you can get it from Steam Page. ( this is not a free game)

GamePlay Features:

You can choose between to roles on the game.
As architect and manager, as a leader of the colony, settlers need to follow your orders tu build structures. Based on performance of your building they get statistics like, Health , Integrity, Percent of Completion.
The cheat tool we are providing works with cheat engine and can be used to maximize these stats.
In order for them to survive you have to be sure that supply of oxygen, water and food is in place.

Based on your directions, workers are guided to collect water and energy, mine different metals, grow crops and foods, leading them to build a self-sufficient base on dangerous environments.

Other options of the game are:
  • You have to gather solar and wind energy (if that actual planet provides) so you can power your base.
  • Grow "hydroponic Vegetables" and "Vitromeat" for your population.
  • Mine different metals, process them, so you can produce different goods.
  • Choose the people you receive into the base, so most skilled people became residents.
  • Create an Defense mechanism, against sandstorms, solar flares and intruders.
  • Direct your bots on your base, so they can help you with different task to manage the planet.
  • With PlanetBase Cheats you can select any bot you want, and if they are damaged, you can heal them to maximum and get them maximum integrity.
  • Go from a simple base with a few people, to a giant Planetbase with thousand of colonists.

PlanetBase game is composed by two base structures.

Interior Structures
interior buildings on planetbase

These structures are the building that are inside the base, and oxygen is provided by generator.
Visitors and settlers can walk freely along these buildings without the need for space customs. 
In order for these structures to operate, a human operator is required, expect for storage, oxygen generator and Robotic Facilities.

Exterior Structures
exterior structures planetbase

These buildings are not covered inside the base, so the oxygen is missing and space suit is required.

Resources are also necessary for your colony. By processing different resources you create more rooms, more food, and create valuable thing for trade with techs and coins.

On PlanetBase Cheats you can maximize these kinds of resources:
  1. Meal.
  2. Vegetables.
  3. Bioplastic.
  4. Starch
  5. Vitromeat.
  6. Coins
  7. Medical Supplies
  8. Resources.

Energy is also necessary to power your inner and exterior structures,by harvesting solar energy or wind energy.
With this cheats table that you can use with cheat engine the wind speed is maintained at maximum.