A m p h i t r i t e

T H E     G R O U N D L E S S     W O R L D 

What is Amphitrite?

Amphitrite is a constructed world [click here if you don't know what that means]. It is an exercise in non-orthodox conworlding and speculative exobiology: Amphitrite is the sort of planet we call a gas giant. It is about the size of Neptune but, unlike it, it has an atmosphere that is rich in water, carbon dioxide, and other familiar substances. 

It is inhabited by animals and plants, not unlike earth, but the shape, structure and survival strategies of those animals and plants are radically different from those we know here on earth. Trust me, the world itself looks awesome, an endless sea of clouds upon clouds lit by a faraway orange sun, surrounded by an explosion of color at night, since it's inside a planetary nebula. At night, clouds cast fickle shadows to the light of lightning and the various electric phenomena that happen in its atmosphere, including auroras. Its skies sometimes look like seas from all the living creatures soaring them, some resembling jellyfish, some looking like rays or hot air balloons, and even some resembling nothing you've ever seen. Alas, I'm not an artist, so you can't see it yet, though when and if I learn to draw there will be pictures here. 

What can I find here?

Stuff about the groundless world Amphitrite. This site works as both a platform for people to read about amphitrite and as a personal repository of information about it. My notes on paper tend to get lost and you know how it is with computer files. There's a few sections along which content is organized.

  • Amphitrite itself: astronomic data, the atmosphere, and that kind of things.
  • Biology of Amphitrite: living things that inhabit amphitrite
  • The Nephelai: sentient bird-snake-bat-shrimp thingies, to describe them succinctly. 
    • Anatomy and evolutionary history
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Cultures of the Nephelai
  • I dunno, other stuff

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