Welcome to Indigo Reef, located on beautiful Marathon Key, Florida.  Behind these gates is paradise found for those arriving by air, sea, or land.  A private hangar to keep your aircraft out of the sun, a dock for your boat steps from the back porch, and a shade garage to keep your car cool are all included.   This is one of the few places we still have that people are still smiling and saying "good afternoon" or "hello" every time you pass them.



Also let's not foget all the beautiful scenery there is there. Just think about it a moment, you get to ride your boat any time you want on the most blue water you've ever seen. And when your wife says that you can't go out on the boat here's your excuse. "we're in the keys".



In the keys you forget about time. there is no time limit to how much fun you can have in the keys and ther's no meetings to go to. That's one of my favorite parts about the keys.



Also if you find the pool to crowded and you don't want to swim there just go to a sandbar and I am sure no one will  bother you there. This is one of the places that is so small yet so big.

Also if you don't have a boat all you have to do is go around the corner and find the boat rental building. ( it's huge so you can't miss it)