Ecclesfield Village Plan

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  • For photographs, and interesting but unofficial articles on Ecclesfield Village, see

  • Ecclesfield Village Plan AGM took place on Tuesday 30th June at 7:30 in the Black Bull.

  • Ecclesfield Village Plan is pleased to note the new Ecclesfield Village in Bloom new web site.

  • Our "Ecclesfield Village Plan" Christmas Tree is now decorated. See for details.
  • A thank you to everybody who attended the meeting on 15th January 2008 to form local interest groups. Click on Poster.htm for details.
    • We will be at the "Ecclesfield Matters" stand at the Gala on 31st August 2008( if anybody wants to talk to us about the survey results and Action Plan.

      The questionnaire data can be downloaded in Excel format, and the resulting bar charts etc. can be downloaded in word format by clicking on the "Download Data" or "Download Analysis" links below, clicking the "My Files" tab, and selecting the file to be downloaded.

      If anybody has questions then they can Email us at... or put a comment on our guest book at...

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      You can see details of other Ecclesfield Voluntary Groups at... or the Scouts new web site at...