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Shared System

Now your goal is to create a resource sharing system for your school. This takes the form of a file sharing system that improves collaboration and efficiency.

Today’s technologies are leading us to ubiquitous computing: online resources and collaborative opportunities that are available anywhere, anytime, and on increasingly mobile devices. High-performing teaching teams seize upon technologies that make the hard work of teaming more efficient and sustainable. In particular, teams establish online spaces in which they can collaborate, store and archive their resources. That way, whether you’re cramming late at night with a teammate, home with a sick child, or covering for a teammate yanked from the classroom by a student emergency, teammates know where key materials are stored and can access them anytime, anywhere.

Think and Discuss:

1.     What resources and files are critical to your teaching?

2.     Which of these are needed by your teammates in order to collaborate effectively?


    1.  Using Google Docs, another online system, or combination, design a file sharing system that     includes the relevant components listed below:

2. Each team member should create at least one folder in the system.

3.  Share these folders with each of your team’s teachers (you may only need to share the top, Team Name, folder) as well as relevant special educators, ELL teachers, and other staff. Be sure to share the top folder with your building principal, sending email notifications to each. Grabbing a link address to a Google Drive folder can be a little tricky sometimes. Review this screencast to make sure you’re grabbing a link that will work: http://www.screencast.com/t/mlZwZ6V5Zn


Among other challenges, creating a collaborative folder system leads to implicit or explicit decisions about who gets to collaborate. How can we design folder systems that invite student involvement in curriculum design, team governance, and other opportunities to collaborate with teachers and lead the team?