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Shared Vision

With the considerable shifts in technology access and an increased emphasis on personalization, 21st century educators may need to re-examine their core beliefs for teaching and learning in the middle grades. Whether you're collaborating as a team or as a full school faculty, now is the time to discuss what you hope to accomplish by implementing 1:1 and/or PLPs and why you are embracing technology. This will get the wheels turning about the broader task of launching or continuing your work in the fall.

Mission and Vision


1.     Each member of your team should read Strengthening Teams through Technology, an article written by Tarrant Institute staff in the AMLE Journal.

2. Think of a favorite article, video or other resource that drives your vision for 21st century teaching and learning.


    1. Which activities mentioned in the article above hold the most promise for kids on your team?

    2. Describe a favorite resource article, video or other resource that drives your vision for 21st century teaching and learning. If possible, share a link with your team and discuss.

    3. How can your teaching team function better in order to operate like a 21st century team and demonstrate the qualities and processes illustrated in these resources?


Together, write your school or team's vision for 1:1 and/or PLPs.  

One way to go about doing this is to create a visual metaphor that best describes your team vision.  Each team member should search online for an image that best captures his or her thinking about the promise of technology integration.

1. Be sure to be a good digital citizen and only use copy-right friendly or creative commons images.  Turn on the filter in Google Images or in Flickr to select only copyright-friendly images, or find copyright friendly images at Morgue file.

2. Save image to desktops, or in a pictures folders, or to your camera roll.

3. The next step is to add a small amount of text on top of the picture describing how the image reflects the vision.  There are a number of options available to you to edit images.  

    • You could insert your image in a Google Slide and add a text box
    • Haiku Deck, both a web-based and app, allows you to search for images in multiple ways and to use a built in camera as well.
    • Befunky, is a web-based image editing tool.  We created the "Balance" image below using it. 


Click here to see a tutorial of how we created this Team Vision poster

4. Your final step is to share your vision posters.  Team members then agree on the best visual metaphor to help you craft your written vision statement.  Plan a way to share this statement and image with the learning community.


Describing what drives us to take on the hard work of changing practice often eludes us. Yet knowing how to tap into that drive, for ourselves and our closest colleagues, can make the difference in whether we flourish or wither as professionals. What keeps you going with technology integration? With personalization? How can we share motivating visions with teammates?