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Personalized Learning Plans

Because much of the personal learning process is tied to goals, we have structured participation through participant reflection on four goal related essential questions.

Essential Questions

  1. What are our team goals and how do they align with the goals from Middle School Is Not A Building and personalized learning?
  2. How will our Personal Learning Plans align with the goals of our school, district, and the state of Vermont? What are our team's parameters?
  3. What are the personalized learning goals for our students?
  4. What benchmarks, proficiencies, and evidence will be included in the personal learning plans and how will this coordinate with the state of Vermont's move to proficiency based graduation requirements?


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • All middle level learners participate in challenging, integrated, real world, standards based curriculum that promotes conceptual understanding, 21st century skill development, and knowledge acquisition. (MSNB 1)
  • Instruction is engaging, personalized, and differentiated to meet individual student learning needs. (MSNB 2)

School Organization and Community

  • Organizational structures and a school culture of high expectations enable all middle level students and educators to succeed. (MSNB 4)
  • Relationships for learning create a climate of intellectual development and a caring community that includes having an adult advocate for each student. (MSNB 5)
  • A democratic system of continual collaboration by all stakeholders allows for authentic student voice and a shared vision to guide decisions. (MSNB 8)


As you develop goals for the strand, and your vision for personal learning plans and curriculum, consider these standards. These support the development of student-centered educational experiences that align with the state of Vermont's move towards personalized and proficiency based learning. 

From these broad middle level standards, teams and participants should consider how students will move through the Personal Learning Framework to meet their educational and personal goals. 

The Personal Learning Plan then becomes the method through which individual students can develop a deeper understanding of their identity and place in the community, reflect on their growth over time both in and out of the classroom, and how, through that growth and reflection, students transform in preparation for their next life or learning stage.

Personal Learning Framework

Personalized Learning Framework