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Decision Making

Design a plan for integrating families into team decision making.

Sorting out the best ways to teach and learning in a 1:1 environment without family input resembles planning alone in an echo chamber. You’d be blocking out essential knowledge about how best to reach and support students in a particularly turbulent time both developmentally and in their transition to 1:1 learning. As is true with student involvement. family involvement in decision making is critical to honoring parents as partners and integrating their knowledge and insights into practices that best serve students.

Think and Discuss:

  1. Read the Decision Making section in Epstein and Hutchins’ Family Involvement chapter.

  1. Adding to your Family Engagement folder, design how families can contribute to decision making on your team regarding:
    1. Evolving policies about 1:1
    2. Learning at home expectations and practices
    3. Family engagement strategies

Add a link to your decision making notes and evidence of integrating your family involvement in decision making strategy into your overall plan.  (Sample deliverables)