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Create a volunteering strategy for families.

Families frequently are sources of technology excitement and knowhow.  Effective teams design ways to harness the capacity all around them to benefit students and the team. Middle school teams often mistake parents’ reticence to stay involved in their child’s school with disinterest. But not only do many parents want to play a constructive role in schooling, teams can benefit as well. Consider, for instance, how a group of volunteer parents could troubleshoot the parenting difficulties facing other parents of 1:1 students. Or how a team parent council could do the leg work to insure that every family make it to critical parent nights or celebrations of 1:1 learning, arranging transportation and child care, for instance. And how could volunteers support outreach efforts to the school board, community leaders, and voters to help sustain investments in 1:1 schooling. The importance of exploiting family volunteers is greater than ever as teams tackle the challenges of implementing 1:1. And the systems established for volunteer support of a 1:1 rollout can continue to serve the team well in the long run.


  1. Read the Volunteering section in Epstein and Hutchins’ Family Involvement chapter.
  2. Explore Speak Up and Common Sense Media resources and brainstorm a list of ways that family volunteers can support a successful launch of 1:1.

  1. Identify a trusted group of parents who can serve as a sounding board for you volunteer planning.
  2. Determine at least one way in which family volunteers can help your team in the 1st 8 weeks of school.
  3. Draft a web announcement or email soliciting volunteers to help with your 1st 8 weeks.
(Sample deliverables)