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Workflow Strategy

Whether it is a system of sharing folders in Google Drive; a routine of turning in work via assignments in Schoology, Edmodo, or Google Classroom; or a clearly defined method of transferring multimedia projects; a clearly defined workflow strategy is a must have in a 1:1 learning environment. The goal for your team is to create a team-wide system for sending and receiving resources so the delivering of assignments & resources to students and receiving of their work in this new digital environment is understood by all. 


"Work Flow is the sequence of steps used to move work from student to teacher, teacher to student and student to student.  The four parts of workflow are:

  • distribution of materials to students, 
  • student creation to show learning, 
  • submission of work back to teacher or sharing with peers as a collaborative activity 
  • teacher assessing and giving feedback on completed work. 
It is kind of like a computer whose main function is the input and output of work. As simplified as this analogy might be, the more complicated, exciting and creative question is what the work will look like? Will it be a Google Doc, presentation, ebook, audio recording, video, digital story, infographic, graphic organizer or a screencast?"  (ISTE iPadeology Session 2014 Resources on Schoology)

Use the resources in the subpages below to develop a clear, effective strategy to share work between students and teachers on your team.