Team Building 2.0

Successful teams establish and doggedly pursue a vision of a thriving team culture that is inviting to students and teachers and supports bold and dynamic learning. This quest helps your team adopt a bold vision for a 21st century team culture.

  1. Read Jill Spencer's chapter Become the Team that Inspires Your Students
  2. Reflect on the Scope and Sequence of Common Sense Media resources for grades 6-8. This will provide a broad overview of their 8 Digital Citizenship Themes.
  3. Consider how the 8 categories overlap with more traditional approaches to team development.
  1. Look how one teacher designed a digital citizenship week. What has she left out from your team’s perspective?
  2. Now look at these hi-tech icebreakers and Teampedia and begin to imagine how your team can introduce new apps or tools in the course of team building and digital citizenship activities.


  1. Set up a Culture and Digital Citizenship planning Google Doc.
  2. Write a team purpose statement that captures what you hope to achieve through your team culture and digital citizenship activities in the 1st 8 weeks of school. 


Harwood Union Team Brainstorm

Define citizenship as a piece under the big idea What habits and skills do you bring to this community?

Habits of what it means to be a member of this community:

  • use my iPad as a learning tool

  • interact collaboratively with any and all members of the group

  • commit to a workflow to manage my work

  • use my time in and out of class productively

  • meet deadlines and take pride in my work

  • advocate for myself as a learner (i.e.check Schoology, check Powerschool, check email)  

  • understand the relationship between the individual and the group needs

How to support and reinforce these citizenship habits throughout the year?

  • Learning target(s) intentionally aligned for each unit in all classes

  • Student takes responsibility to show evidence of these habits in their PLP/portfolios

  • Goal setting at beginning of semester in PFE course tied to these habits

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