Norms and Routines

Smooth Running

A smooth running team takes care of the basics of safety, security, and daily routines – like the base layers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – so students and teachers can focus on the team’s higher aspirations. Technology introduces new challenges — for the team as a whole and in the individual lives of its members — that your team must address. From preparing students for the risks of the wide open internet to training them for the safe handling of their devices, here’s your chance to get a jump on what can be a bumpy road toward being a smooth running team.


1.  Watch this video from ASIJ High School.  

YouTube Video

Students participate in the development of norms and rules of device use at ASIJ:

At the start of school we run a program called 'Think Big About Learning'. Students complete one part online prior to a seminar in the first week. The online component includes logistical things like adding required software, as well as topics relating to the Acceptable Use Agreement.

Click here to see ASIJ's HS Acceptable Use Agreement drafted with students.

2.  Then take a moment to skim through a 5th grade class blog called Digital Life at ASIJ  to see how guidance counselors and teachers communicated with families to explore digital citizenship issues/ideas as they arose. 

Discuss and Act:
 1. Review the Internet Safety and Privacy & Security categories in the Scope and Sequence. Determine when your team will implement these or similar lessons to address the safety and security issues of your 1:1 students.

2. If your students are working with iPads, consider these Essential Rules and Management Tips. Develop your own guidelines for iPad use in the classroom.

3. Design a strategy for involving students in the ongoing development of norms and rules for device use on your team. Develop a student council or leadership team that will grapple with the inevitable issues that beg for a revisiting of even well-thought-out norms and rules.

Add your own scope and sequence of Safety, Privacy and Security lessons to your Culture and Citizenship shared Google Doc. (Sample deliverables)