Managing Change

Reality Based Team Building - Reconcile your culture and citizenship activities with the realities of time and calendars.

We can’t necessarily do it all in the first 8 weeks. It takes creativity and a shrewd sense of time and scheduling to make the best use of the 1st 8 weeks of school. At the culmination of this and other 1st 8 week badges, you’ll need to bring your great ideas down to earth and come up with a realistic calendar of activities.


1. Create a Google Calendar for your first 8 weeks of school (and hopefully beyond) and share that calendar with John, Susan and your principal. Name the calendar with your teams name, such a Horizon Team Calendar.

2. Reviewing your Culture and Citizenship document with all your plans from the previous culture and citizenship quests, lay out your team culture and digital citizenship activities on the calendar clearly titling each event  and identifying the time each event will require.

3. Take some notes in your Google doc reflecting some ideas you’ve come up with for integrating activities in order to achieve the same culture and citizenship outcomes in more efficient and integrated ways.