Belonging and Collaborating

Powerful teams cultivate a collaborative culture. And collaboration is grounded in relationships, communication and collaboration skills. The first weeks of school are a rare opportunity to get relationships off to a strong start, cultivate open and constructive communication, and teach essential collaboration skills. Only with such a strong foundation can the team confidently embark on the richest of learning opportunities. Knowing students well becomes all the more important in a technology rich, personalized context, when you are helping them to set goals and map a personalized learning journey. This section will help you craft activities and lessons that enhance your team’s relationships, communication, and collaboration skills.


  1. Look closely at the Relationships & Communication and Cyberbullying lessons in Common Sense Media’s Scope and Sequence.
  1. How do these activities relate to field trips or other events you’re planning for the first weeks?
  2. How might these activities inform the goal setting or other aspects of the PLP?
  3. How can you integrate technology into these activities so that the team begins to see technology as integral to relationships, communication and collaboration?
  1. Using the resources you explored in the Team Building 2.0 quest as well as your own experience, list some activities you think will build relationships, enhance communication and develop collaboration skills on your team during the first weeks of school.
  2. Draft a list of activities to your Culture and Citizenship Google Doc or other shared space and post the link to that document here. (Sample deliverables)