Exploring Identity

Now your team will design activities that exploit technology to help students explore their identity and express who they are to their teammates.

Effective teams acknowledge and honor the uniqueness of each member even as it strives to be larger than the sum of its parts. And young adolescence is a critical and dynamic time for each student’s sense of self, self-image, and identity. The technological culture that our students are immersed in creates daunting challenges and exciting opportunities for self-expression and exploring identities. The first 8 weeks are a time to seize opportunities for students to introduce or re-introduce themselves and set the stage for healthy exploration throughout the school year and the years ahead.


  1. Explore the Digital Footprint resources from Ask a Tech Teacher to help you define online identity.  In addition, you might want to view the Ted Talks Your Online Life: Permanent as a Tattoo and Digital Footprints
  2. Review the Self-Image & Identity lessons in Common Sense Media’s Scope and Sequence.
  3. Explore the Digital Footprint & Reputation lessons from the Scope and Sequence.
  1. What behaviors do you see in middle schoolers that suggest they are in the midst of identity exploration?
  2. What activities will address your students' need to safely explore self identity on your team using technology?
  1. Draft a list of activities in your Culture and Citizenship Google Doc or other shared space
  2. Identify who will lead which activities. Which are conducive for students to lead?


How did your sense of self in your own early adolescence evolve in relation to your peer groups? 

What role, if any, did school play in offering a safe space for identity exploration?

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