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Team Culture & Digital Citizenship

Successful teachers establish and doggedly pursue a vision of a thriving  school culture that is inviting to students and teachers and supports bold and dynamic learning. These resources will help you adopt a bold vision for a 21st century school and classroom culture.  Outcome?  Your team has a plan to build a thriving 21st century team culture. 

Digital Citizenship Vision from ASIJ:

Thriving 1:1 schools often point to the first weeks of school as a key to their success. The identities, relationships, norms, and routines established during the launch of the school year serve as either the foundation upon which ambitious learning takes place or the quicksand that swallows up even the most talented and committed teachers. And introducing 1:1 computing raises the stakes higher than ever. Teams that shortchange their team building agenda in the name of “getting to the content” threaten the success of 1:1 and their team’s capacity for powerful learning throughout the year. 

Lisa Johnson's Digital Citizenship Survival KitThinglink (click on this link to go to the live, interactive page with embedded resources)

Effective teams build a sense of community by asking students to introduce themselves through digital storytelling. They use Socrative or other online polling tools to have frank and often challenging conversations about team expectations. They model collaborative brainstorming with Bubbl.us

and backchanneling with TodaysMeet. The key components of Common Sense Media’s terrific digital citizenship curriculum -- including Internet Safety, Relationships and Communication, Cyberbullying, Self-Image and Identity, Digital Footprint and Reputation -- are an essential 21st century approach to creating a healthy team for young adolescents. What’s more, the foundation of a strong team culture is more important than ever as teams journey along the turbulent path toward hi-tech schooling.

The tasks to follow are meant to guide your team toward a well-crafted weaving together of traditional team building, digital citizenship, and the launch of 1:1.

Other resources to build your own digital citizenship activities:


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