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Group Device Management

Your current goal is to create a team plan for things like device management, storage, repair, updates, and expectations.  Address the nuts and bolts of device management by working together to answer the following questions (or to make a plan to get them answered).  

Think: To get a good sense of what goes into device management, read this blog post:  

Logistics of 1:1 Chromebooks at Leyden High School

Discuss and Act:

As a team, create a Need to Know & Who is Responsible list.  We suggest you create a shared google doc and create a responsibility chart together as a staff by placing each of the questions in the list below in the proper column based on who makes the decisions.

Here is an example from Edmunds Middle School:

The process leads to important conversations and raises even further questions.  Of course, each question will need to be answered and shared back to the larger group. 

Questions to ponder: (** district technology team responsibility likely)

  • Group Device Management:
    • Where will devices be stored and charged?**  
    • Will you use a mobile cart?**  
      • If so, do you have a procedure for keeping the cart locked and secure? Do your teachers know it?
    • Do you have a clearly defined procedure for distributing the devices?
    • How will you identify each device?
    • What numbering scheme will you use for the devices? You should consider using a numbering scheme that identifies their use or location. eg. Science07, Room107-1 ** 
    • Will you know which device each student is using at any one time? Do you have a procedure for identifying how they are being distributed?
    • How will you deal with issues such as damage or theft?
    • Are your IT staff trained on the technology and care of the devices?**  
    • Do you have a clearly defined district Acceptable Use Policy? **  
    • Has the district Acceptable Use Policy been communicated to students and parents?
    • Do you have a clearly defined school "Expectations for Digital Device" document?
    • Have you considered involving students in supporting device use and management? 
    • How will you deal with settings, apps, extensions, wallpaper images and more? Will you allow teachers or students to change settings, have access to the App Store? ** 
    • How will apps be purchased and distributed? Is there a process in place for students and teachers to request apps?
    • Will you use multiple accounts for individual teachers, classrooms and/or departments? 
    • Will you use earbuds? Earbuds can be very helpful if they are listening to media in class. If you plan on using them you’ll probably want each student to have their own pair rather than share them.
    • Will you use protective cases? ** 

Here is an example of a Frequently Asked Questions list shared with the school's community built after faculty went through this process:

PAML iPad Program 1:1 FAQs

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