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Nuts and Bolts

Get the hows, the who's, the what's answered so your team is prepared for the 1st 8 weeks of device management issues as you roll out PLPs.

Teams who embrace technology quickly realize that students can play key roles in fixing software glitches, restoring wireless connections, and cleaning up the tangled mess of a laptop cart--in short, the nuts and bolts of managing classroom technology.

Device management is a great arena to address the early adolescent needs for leadership, responsibility, and independence. As they grow and mature, middle schoolers are eager to show that they are capable. They want to demonstrate that they can be trusted to make good choices. Device management plans should reflect this. Student tech teams, with rotating membership and trained by district technology staff, can serve as front-line troubleshooters.  

Device management can also be a healthy way to boost a young adolescent's sense of self. Teachers can identify mentors among marginalized students who display tech talents to help fumbling “high achievers,” bolstering the mentor’s self-esteem and status along the way.

Finally, the physical learning environment should reflect the young adolescent's need for physical movement, the growing bodies, the need to stand, to sit, to move around. The YA need for socializing should also be reflected in the classroom environment, e.g. stations for collaboration.

You and your teammates will develop a clear line of communication to get your device management questions answered and understand who is responsible for what aspect of the device program.