Sometimes it is not the dehydrating power of deserts nor the plague bringing humidity of jungles nor the uprising of angry native tribes in difficult terrain!

Sometimes more powerful entities looking for amusement during their external existence are to be accounted for the disappearance of complete armies of battle proven soldiers! They disappear off their known worlds just to find themselves on strange and dangerous plains.

But they are not alone! Several veteran armies of other races have been taken there too upon "The Plains" where sharing is not enough for survival!

A brutal fight begins!

And for us the fun began!

26 Warmaster Players all over Europe (Great Britain, Spain, Germany and Austria) enlisted to be part of a Tabletop Campaign based upon Games Workshop's "Mighty Empires".

Four Empires were founded to struggle over dominance at the "Plain of Battles". The red "Alliance of Hammer and Lance", the black "Gathering of Dark Souls", the "Blue Bruised Pinky Empire" and the yellow "Emerald Empire".

This Site was created to keep records of this Worldwide Warmaster Campaign that began with August 24th 2010.

Organisation: To be exact not players could enlist to be part of the campaign - but regions! At least two players per region would be enough but four players would be desirable so every player would represent another empire in his region - and could battle each other should their empires demand it.

Playing Battles: Whoever wanted to play could play and report their results to their Commander in Chief. Only one player per challenging enemy empire was committed to play (but all extra games brought an extra "Glory Bonus").
The mean result was calculated and lead to the Empire Points an Empire could invest for expanding.

  • Campaign's End
    The Campaign has come to its end. Have a look at the results and the actual map under "Turn 6 closing"

    Posted Dec 16, 2010, 12:11 AM by spiritusX machina
  • Turn 6 opened
    Turn 5 has been closed with the Emerald Empire still in the lead. The Gathering of Dark Souls are head up with the Alliance but their cities have changed the tide to their favour again - so they regain their second place. Last is the Blue Bruised Pinky Empire - but I'm sure their Brain will have a cunning plan to rule the World...

    Commanders may choose their Events now: 1) The Dog, 2) Jurisch, 3) Schindbua, 4) Claus

    Posted Nov 23, 2010, 10:55 AM by spiritusX machina
  • Turn 5 near end
    With the end of the coming weekend (21st nov) the battle phase of turn 5 comes to its end. The cunning plans, orders and challenges for the next turn are already to be prepared. 
    Posted Nov 19, 2010, 12:42 AM by spiritusX machina
  • Turn 5 opened
    Created page for turn 5. All starting information, Event Orders and the new map are up.
    Posted Nov 2, 2010, 1:36 PM by spiritusX machina
  • Turn 4 closing
    The battle results have been taken in account and Empire points added (I also wrote a little story that explains the outcome of the battle between Dark Elves and Bretonnians)

    The Commanders in Chief may now choose their Tiles: 1) Blue, 2) Red, 3) Yellow 4) Black.

    Please do that as usual at the Groups site (you'll find a link at the left frame "Watch the discussion". If someone wants to write a Battle report or Chronicle story plz put them there too. I will export them to this site then.

    Posted Nov 2, 2010, 1:03 AM by spiritusX machina
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