Plainfield School - 92 Bonner Road • Meriden, NH 03770 - 603-469-3250

Thank you for your patience as we develop our new web site. This new site is a bare bones site with basic information.  That will all be changing. The new format will allow us to quickly make changes and keep information up to date without going through a third party.  As this site grows and develops we want it to fit the needs of the school community.   We would love to hear your constructive suggestions. Please email me at  Thank you, Mary Cantlin, webmaster

Plainfield School is one of the best, small schools in New Hampshire. With a dedicated staff, an involved community,
and 220 of the best kids in the Granite State, PES is brimming with activity and learning. This temporary website is intended to provide the most critical school information for the Plainfield School Community.  
If you have additional questions, please contact Lisa or Beth @ 603-469-3250.

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