Chickin Nuggets

1 lb chicken tenders 

1 cup milk 

1 egg 

1 1/4 cups flour 

3 Tbsp powdered sugar 

2 tsp salt 

1 tsp pepper 

peanut or canola oil (Chick-fil-a uses peanut oil)

Cut chicken into bite size pieces.  In a medium bowl whisk the egg and milk.  Place chicken in milk mixture,and cover. Allow to soak in the milk mixture for 2-4 hours.  

In a gallon size ziplock bag combine flour, powdered sugar, salt and pepper. Seal and shake to combine.  Remove chicken from milk mixture and place in ziplock bag.  Shake to coat.  

Place 2  inches of oil in a large pot or Dutch oven  Heat until the oil reaches 375 degrees.  Fry chicken in batches, about 1-2 minutes per side.  Remove chicken and drain.  Repeat until all chicken in cooked.  Serve with your favorite dipping sauce.