PLAGUEMAN, by K. D. Kragen

The Black Death followed them like a flock of hungry gulls. Their ship was history's hearse, albatross and pelicans its mourners. Days passed as centuries. Dead bodies were cast into the vessel's blood-red wake. Him, too, but for the girl. Always, there was the girl, the beautiful, merciful god. The kind god who pointed to the suffering god, all the while an inexplicable happiness sparkling like dawn in her child's eyes.

Plagueman, in three hundred pages, an epic of history and death and love and death. In a time of plague, a grand celebration of suffering and passion and the Chianti Classico hope and prosciutto-pasta life of medieval Italy during the years of the Black Death. Plagueman is the story of awakening desire in the devout heart of a beautiful young girl, Theresa of Siena, who befriends a disillusioned soldier, Kierkive of Sarai. Plagueman is about the conflict between the mystical and the barbarian in all of us