Plagiarism Awareness

Plagiarism is a serious issue.  The consequences can be severe. Careers and educational opportunities can be lost or otherwise ruined. With a bit of attention to detail and some useful strategies, you can avoid committing this grave offense. In this unit we will look at what defines plagiarism, why it occurs and how it can be avoided. This path document provides the content and activities you will need to work through to complete this unit.

Theme 1 - Plagiarism Defined
  • Types of plagiarism
  • Consequences of plagiarism
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • What resources are available?
  • Activity 1 - Locating resources

Theme 2 - Specific Techniques to Avoid Plagiarism
  • Paraphrasing, Summarizing, and Quoting
  • Activity 2 - Paraphrasing, Summarizing and Quoting Practice
  • Cite your sources
  • Using the electronic database tool to generate a citation
  • Organize your research notes
  • Activity 3 - Research organization plan