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Text-based communication

One of the greatest necessities that educators and students have is being able to properly express themselves in writing and make references to the documentary sources that are required for footnotes and references.  This group of tools can support such functions.

Tools for Improving Written Communication

One of the basic activities in a large number of domains is written communication. Word processors and other tools like spell checkers, and reference and bibliography organizers allow writers to concentrate on what they want to say.

Writers can concentrate on the quality of the message when word processing tools are used such as WORD from Microsoft Office or WRITER from Open Office from Sun Microsystems .

Typing Tools

Typing systems merit special attention.  Knowing how to use ten fingers to type well without looking at the keyboard makes a big difference in category P every time we try to correlate what we think with what we type.

There are tools on the Internet that help to improve typing.  For example, LEARN 2 TYPE is a free program designed for adult users to simultaneously exercise while handling the keyboard and the mouse.  On the other hand, NAIL IT NOW offers a free solution for children.

Scheduling and Bibliographical Tools 

The development of footnotes and references is a time-consuming task that can be largely eliminated when a data base of sources has been created.  This type of system allows the presentation of footnotes and bibliographic references in the format that is required (e.g. APA). Moreover, bibliographic data bases are generated which may be converted into shareable resources among members of the educational community.

Bibliographic reference management software like ENDNOTE becomes a wonderful ally that permits researchers and authors to capture, to publish and to find references and include them in documents in the appropriate format.

Your scholarly references and articles can be organized and shared with CiteULike, a free service from Springer.

The most current version of WORD includes features for managing citations and references as part of the word processor utilities.