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Graphic expression

Oral and written communication is largely supported by the visualization of what we mean.  This group of tools can improve our productivity in creating and editing images as well as presentations that utilize a variety of techniques.

Graphic Processing Tools

Graphic expression is another activity where productivity software tools can add a lot of value to various fields.  The creation, capture and editing of images can help to express what we say and feel.  This task is relatively easy when one knows how to use the appropriate graphic software.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words.  Those who have chosen to use graphics to support their work surely feel compelled to work on “rough drafts” whenever they process an image, then publish it to give it “the touch” that it merits without major effort.

This function is not the only benefit of using graphic processing tools.  These technology tools make it possible to go beyond conventional graphics design limits. Not only are artistic options increased, but the opportunities to share and critique are made more available to the creator of the work. This reality gives new possibilities to the artist.

Applications like Microsoft’s PAINT as well as FIREWORKS developed by Macromedia, now owned by Adobe, are praised for their ability to enhance their users’ graphic expression  as well as offering the possibility of doing the graphic processing of digital images. 

GLIFFY is free a web-based graphic visualizer of processes, relationships, or structures. It is used to build flowcharts, network diagrams, business process diagrams, as well as to do floor plants or technical drawings.

As far as tools for children, it is convenient to emphasize KIDPIX an intuitive and powerful application developed by Broderbund Software and sold by The Learning Company.

Tools for Making Multimedia Presentations

The creation of multimedia presentations is also enhanced by the use of productivity tools that allow easy manufacture and presentation of digital materials. The new presentation softwares when used optimally, render a finished product that is effective in conveying both content and appeal.

Tools like Microsoft Office’s POWER POINT and Sun Microsystem’s Open Office IMPRESS have made multimedia presentations very simple.