Simulation & Games

Games and simulators can be powerful environments for exploration.  Their construction, however, can become a challenge that demands a very good understanding of the environments that are being modeled, the rules that govern their function, the intervening variables and the results.  Creating games and simulators from scratch can be overwhelming, but with the right tools it is an enjoyable activity for those with such an interest.

AGENTSHEETS is a multiplatform authoring tool for computational models that simulate the diverse natural systems (physics, social, etc.).  Agentsheets uses visual object behavioral programming (agents) which simplifies the work of modeling, testing, adjusting and utilizing existing simulators.  It has been tested successfully in the construction of social and natural science simulations at all educational levels.  It is possible to install a test version for ten days and educate yourself in its use by utilizing any of the online help systems from the web site (manuals, video tutorials, frequently asked questions, simulation books).